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GreenToday Architects, the top name among construction companies in Ernakulam, is an exemplary construction company creating architectural marvels in the forms of residential villas and flats, business apartments and offices, commercial complexes and malls, educational institutions and government offices, resorts, and hotels based on in-depth knowledge in engineering and architecture, high quality parameters, world-class experience, a supreme project management system, and ethical dealings.

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Mr. Faizal M. Asan, CEO. GreenToday

Mr. Faizal M. Asan, a highly acclaimed senior civil engineer who was the guiding force behind a number of majestic engineering projects both in the public and private sectors in India and the Middle East, is the CEO of GreenToday Architects. It was his dream and deep vision that paved the way to attaining soaring heights in construction.

GreenToday Architects: The Top Choice Among Construction Companies in Ernakulam

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4B Arcade, Infopark Road, Kusumagiri P.O, Kakkanad-682030, Kerala, India.

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Excellence in Every Build: Why GreenToday Tops Ernakulam's Construction!

GreenToday Architects puts you at ease when we take up your project. All your needs related to construction and architecture are taken care of by us, which span from the procurement of land to soil testing to architectural design to construction phases including basement work, structuring, roofing, floor construction, window and door installation, final roofing, provisioning of plumbing, electrical lines, air conditioners, and finishing works including tiling, painting, electrification, and plumbing.
Then, GreenToday Architects covers interior design, green construction, home automation, and safety feature installation. GreenToday Architects believes in professional exterior design, of which no other builder was aware until recent times.

Soil Testing

Once the land is procured, soil testing will be done by GreenToday Architects to ensure the load-bearing capacity of the soil. This is very essential to finding out the type of foundation that has to be used for the building.


Our architect connects his suggestions and views with the visions of the client regarding the space to give an initial draft of the architectural design. Further revamping and rework will be done to produce the final draft, which is actually the blueprint for the building. The project management team will study the design, and the budget will be assessed. They will plan the allocation of funds and the phases of construction.

Construction Companies in Ernakulam


Once these are finalized, construction starts with basement creation, followed by structuring, erection of doors and windows, and roofing of the first floor. This will be continued with subsequent floor creation, provisioning of plumbing, electrification, and air conditioning, culminating in roof concreting. The final touches will be completed by tiling, painting, plumbing, electrification, etc.

Construction Companies in Ernakulam

Interior Designs

The interior designers of GreenToday Architects design the interior in tune with the space, color of the painting, rooms, their style, lighting, and needs. We synchronize consumables like light fittings, curtains, blinds, cots, couches, teapoy sofa sets, etc. in a manner that will enhance the aesthetics of the house.
Construction Companies in Ernakulam

Green Building

GreenToday Architects is always committed to enforcing green building construction portfolios that will institute sustainable building features that encompass water conservation and management, solar energy utilization, energy efficiency, and waste management. This will boost ecological balance and overall health.
Construction Companies in Ernakulam

Home automation

Home automation is not a luxury or grandeur but is becoming a necessity. GreenToday Architects designs the home with automated living by coordinating security, safety, entertainment, culinary, electric, and plumbing features to fingertips with the aid of electronic gadgets and Wi-Fi.
Construction Companies in Ernakulam

Exterior Design

As we have already said, exterior design has attained a professional status now because an outsider gets a genuine feel for the house from its exterior. So, GreenToday Architects designs the exterior artistically and usefully by creating compound wall, pond, lightings lawns, land scaping, etc.
Construction Companies in Ernakulam

Premier Among The Top Construction Companies in Ernakulam

In these parameters, GreenToday Architects, the best among the construction companies in Ernakulam, combine elaborate knowledge in architecture and engineering with world-class experience and super-quality control, delivering a peaceful, purposeful, aesthetic, and structurally strong home. Apart from all these, a one-year after-sales warranty and life-time support for the handed-over projects are offered by GreenToday Architects, which is also a reason for the flow of referrals and repeat customers.
Construction Companies in Ernakulam

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Construction Companies in Ernakulam