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GreenToday Architects, the Best Construction Company in Kottayam, believes in creating an artifact, where the dreams and needs of the client get manifested. We imbibe the aspirations of our clients and with our in-depth knowledge in architecture and engineering, world-class experience, dedicated workforce, and high-quality execution, transform them into pieces of engineering marvels.

About Us

Faizal. M. Asan, the CEO of GreenToday Architects, is a qualified Civil Engineer and construction project management consultant and is a rare amalgam of engineering excellence and management tactics.

Under the stupendous leadership of Faizal. M. Asan, GreenToday Architects reached the skies of architectural exuberance, combining the aspirations of high-fi business clients and the common man by creating  a variety of spaces, ranging from business apartments, residential flats and villas, malls, multiplexes shopping complexes to offices, educational and government institutions

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Green Today Architects acquire the details of the space whether it is a residential space or business space and adding our inputs, design a diagrammatic layout which is subjected to modifications After sufficient modifications and inputs from the client, a final draft is produced, which is the blueprint of the space.

This design comprises every feature, strictly fenced by the budget, but incorporates genuine aspects like safety and waste management.

Best Construction Company in Ernakulam

Based on the detailed design plan, we commence our construction phase. The technically brilliant and highly experienced engineers and construction team execute the creation of the building space with exquisite craftsmanship and without a tinge of quality compromise. 

We are unfailingly committed to creating customized construction, that needs scientific accuracy and stringent execution.

Best Construction Company in Ernakulam

Interior Designing

GreenToday Architects, the Best interior designer in Kottayam, complies with the changing trends in designing the interior decors of any type of space, ranging from residential flats and villas to business apartments and offices. A perfect blending of aesthetics and need is effected while creating plush interiors and creative kitchens. Each room has its own tone, color, and pattern, but they must sink in with the overall design of the space.

Green Today Architects, with its world-class experience, quality and skill give you the interior experience, that no other builder can boast.

Home Automation

GreenToday Architects always love to be subjected to change, updating, and up-gradation. But these are not only confined to designing, construction, and interior decoration, but to the technological changes also. We weave technological automation in your living space scattering from safety, living, and entertainment to culinary work and waste management.

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Green Construction

GreenToday Architects, the Best Green Construction company in Kottayam, is ahead of time in conceiving and creating green construction. This institutes sustainable building features which encompass water conservation and management, solar energy utilization, energy efficiency, waste management, and use of sustainable construction materials.

Apart from the facilities served by conventional construction, Green construction protects the ecology, boosts human health, and preserves water and energy.

Our Portfolio

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Flats and Villas

GreenToday, the epitome of quality construction, creates residential apartments and villas in the most customized manner, with varying styles like antique, contemporary, traditional, Victorian, European, etc. We always stand aloof, from other builders who create flats and villas in the default style.
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Home Builders

By merging engineering skills with the dream design and layout of the client, we redefine construction and become the best Home Builders in Kottayam. Hundreds of clients entrust the construction of their cherished homes to GreenToday Architects.
Best Construction Company in Ernakulam

Commercial Projects

Commercial apartments, offices, and turnkey building construction services, all need diligent execution and quality construction.
Here also the discerning needs of the clients are incarnated with a customized style and pattern by us, the best Construction Company in Kottayam. The construction ethos will suit the nature of the business, the space is offered.
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Renovation is the contingency of the hour, because the tastes and needs of the client may change from the time of construction of space. With compendious knowledge in architecture and engineering, we renovate your space with your current need and taste and remodel them to get the appearance and perfection of a new space.

Best Construction Company in Kottayam

We are dedicated to creating innovative and strategic methods for the construction of residential villas and flats, business apartments and offices, malls and multiplexes, government buildings, and educational institutions. Moreover, we are committed to exhibiting artistic, architectural, and technological exuberance in Interior Designing, Renovation Portfolios, Green Construction, and Home Automation. 

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