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Green Today Architects, the famous Resort Builders in Kerala, is a diversified construction company of our era, dedicated to delivering exquisite works, in the form of residential homes, flats and villas, business apartments and offices, malls, shopping complexes, and government institutions, with sheer professional expertise and quality.

Top Resort Builders in Kerala

Apart from these one of the high verticals of Green Today Architects is Resort development, which many of the other builders do not try to venture.

But Green Today has the prolific knowledge and technology and the backing up of enthusiastic engineers, contractors, and workers to manifest a resort to reality, by the dreams and aspirations of the clients.

Changing Concept of Resorts

The resort concept itself is changing day by day. Construction of any type of resort, be it small, mid-size, or luminous, needs professional help, understanding, and advice with proper and in-depth knowledge of the tourism industry, exact know-how of operations, and marketability of the resort.

Moreover, the overall design and construction must be in tune with the place of construction, like, it differs from a seaside resort, hilly resort, or valley resort to an urban business resort. Thus the clients who come to Green Today Architects are supplied with ultimate solutions with a long vision.

Architectural Planning and Execution of Resorts

The next module is architectural planning which comprises various design options, feasibility reports, construction of working documents, parametric architectural design, 3D visualization, etc.
Next comes how we, at Green Today Architects, Resort Builders in Kerala, are going to execute the construction procedures based on the architectural design. We strive to implement the construction activities suiting to the land and the purpose the resort serves, synchronizing with the tourist scenario. Moreover, the construction will be faster, and affordable, but without any compromise in quality.
The vendor management of our project is perfect, as we employ the necessary vendors to monitor the rate at which every work is completed and will align it with the pre-designed budget.

Resort Interior Designing

Our designing team, the best customized Interior Designers in Kochi, designs the resort interiors like the bedroom interior, the restaurant interior, the conference hall interior, the reception interior, the spa interior, etc. in a most customized way, but will harmonize with the general tone and behavior of the resort. Likewise, the exterior design is implemented by a mix of purpose and aesthetics.

Exterior Designing

Resorts have a special need for landscaping. It enhances the tone and beauty of the ambiance and the visitors need to extract the vibe from there. Green Today Architects is skilled in designing hardscape and soft scape and work accordingly.
The final module is the completion of the work, which includes flooring, electrification, plumbing, and incorporating safety features. In delivering these, clients can feel a world-class experience meeting world-class quality.

Green Building Resorts

Green Today Architects advocates ‘Green Construction’, which institutes sustainable building features comprising water conservation and management, solar energy utilization, energy efficiency, waste management, and use of sustainable construction materials.
The green construction imparted to the resort provides unfailing power to protect ecology, boost human health and preserve water and energy.

Why Green Today Architects is the most preferred Resort Builders in Kerala?

  • The most professionally managed and technically brilliant construction company.
  • A team of highly skilled and technologically advanced designers and architects with world-class experience on board, to develop as well as upgrade the property.
  • A most efficient hotel and resort management division helps us in the operational and marketing challenges of any resort.
  • Green Today  Architects completes a turnkey project within the budget, to meet the future operational expenses of the resort. 
  • After completion and handing over the project, we will be in touch with the resort for any post works services.

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