The Tech Artificer!

‘Sustainable Realm of Nature through Greener Constructions’

The Tech Artificer!

‘Sustainable Realm of Nature through Greener Constructions’


GreenToday Architects and Engineers

GreenToday, the best Architects in Kochi, believes in this vision, called Architecture. With strenuous effort, vociferous knowledge, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and cutting-edge execution, we are here to deliver you these artifacts, pieces of soulful monuments, and pieces of engineering marvel. We imbibe the aspirations and dreams of the vast clientele to design and construct the spaces and transform them into havens of exigency and elegance.

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Architecture is a vision, which needs stimulation from the past, adherence to the present, and focuses on the future. It encompasses structural design to constructional ethos, interior décor, and aesthetic beauty.

Real architecture never delivers a building, but an artifact, where life is the basement, the soul is the pillar and art is the design. It is neither a living space nor a workspace, but a transfusion of the core feelings of work and living, where the human being must have mixed feelings, that it was with him from forlorn times, but recreating anew every day.

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Our vision is to imprint a solid, global footing, catering to the needs, aspirations, and dreams of the multitude of clientele in designing and constructing their dream edifice with the stiff backing of our engineering brilliance, enduring ideas, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and exemplary client relations.


Our mission is to animate our nuanced designs, inherent in our hearts and brains, to our client’s dream habitation and transform them into the elegant abode of aesthetics and purpose, without hampering the thread twined on your purse.



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Architectural Design

Architectural design demands a vehement knowledge in engineering and precise expertise of execution skills. Stability, rigidity, and strength are the prime factors in fabricating the required spaces moulded in the relevant form. But the most important aspect, towering all these factors, is safety. We guarantee state-of-the-art safety features in the space. GreenToday, the best construction company in Kochi, has a great workforce comprising of dedicated and skilled engineers and technicians, well versed with applied physical laws and empirical knowledge of the structural performance of different materials and geometrics.

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From a mini building initiative to an expansive business enclave, Construction defines its stature. As an engineering and designer hub, GreenToday Architects, the best architects and engineers in Kochi, have the working team and the working skill to achieve the construction goals, within the period, taking into consideration all the requirements. We present a detailed project report of the entire project and its pricing which complies with the financial objective of the client. Moreover, the constraints of time and budget are meted out well into the mould and optimized the necessary input to meet the predefined objectives.

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Interior Designing

Interior designing demands visualizing the interiors and crafting them to sink in the mindset of the people residing in them. It doesn’t matter whether the construction space is big or small. Any size has its beauty and decor. Each room in the space needs a customized tone and style. But they should adapt to the totality of the space. GreenToday Architects, the best interior designers in Kochi, have the enigmatic know-how and prowess that create interior designing, ranging from antique to contemporary style,  Victorian to Gothic, with the utmost articulation of the techniques, winning the hearts of the clientele.

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Green Building

The design of a human dwelling needs to be natural, as is the case of all inhabitants in nature. The nature of our resting place should comply with Mother nature. Any deviation from its course creates danger and destruction.  Green buildings provide the unfailing power to protect ecology, boost human health and preserve water and energy.

Home Automation

Green Today Architects, the Best Home Designer in Kochi,  delivers technological brilliance in creating home automation features, encompassing security and surveillance, entertainment and easy living, lifestyle, and culinary working, incorporating the latest trends.

Fields of Expertise

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Flats and Villas

Raising our reputation as the best flats and villas builders, GreenToday Architects took wide initiatives in creating and developing various multiplex apartments to studio flats and office apartments with heterogeneous layouts, and styles, implemented by diversified techniques and strategies.

Residential Builders

Green Today Architects, Home Designer in Kochi,  hold the legacy as the best home builder in Cochin, providing residential solace to their valued customers, creating elegantly crafted budget homes and majestically curated luxury homes. We, the best builders of residential homes are happy to serve you.

Home Interiors

Superior, interior design aesthetics propelled Green Today Architects, Home Designer in Kochi, to become the renowned and best turnkey interior designers in Kochi, solution providers for flats, offices, houses, apartments, etc. Our dynamics, style, infrastructure, expertise, and experience converge to a single point to redefine your space.
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Commercial Building

Commercial office spaces, business apartments, infrastructure needs of small and medium businesses, turn-key building construction services, all need the best architects and engineers. GreenToday Architects, the best commercial building services in Kochi/ Ernakulam, with seamless expertise and diligent execution, render the works with unmatched perfection.
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Kitchen Interiors

The kitchen is definitely an integral part of our sweet home. Designing and constructing a kitchen demand exceptional knowledge and execution. An eco-friendly kitchen must incorporate all the necessary consumables with safety and drainage features. GreenToday Architects, the best kitchen interior services in Ernakulam, empower the family to exhibit their culinary diversity, with a role model kitchen having tempting interiors and modular kitchen sets. Contact us, the best construction company in Ernakulam, to know how we transform your kitchen into the most beautiful place, you love to throng with your family.
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Renovation & Remodeling

The concept of our living or workspace may change from time to time. Changing ideas in the need for extra space, décor, aesthetics, and purposes can occur in future times. No need to get disheartened over this. Renovation is the contingency of the hour. Famed as the expert and the best renovation services company, Green Today Architects, the best renovation and remodeling in Kochi, put in great innovative vivacity and technical know-how in house renovation and remodeling services, building renovation, and old home redesign, office renovation, etc. To simplify, in GreenToday, renovation meets innovation.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

What are the main jobs an Architect do?

An architect designs the diagrammatic draft of the building to be constructed which is actually the blueprint. Apart from it, remodeling and renovation of existing buildings are also done by the architect.

How much amount does an Architect charge for his work?

A percentage of the entire project cost is charged by most Architects. This can vary, depending on the scale of the project.

What are the services rendered by the Architects in Kochi?

  • The project feasibility study with the estimation of the cost
  • Site planning
  • Architectural design
  • Management of water and wastewater
  • Exterior design
  • Landscape design
  • Space utilization
  • Interior designing

Who is the best Architect in Kerala?

GreenToday Architects is undoubtedly the best architect in Kerala. They had manifested architectural splendors as premium homes, residential villas and flats, business apartments and offices, commercial complexes and malls, government offices, and educational institutions with enthralling craftsmanship and skill.

Who is the Architect in Kochi?

Searching for an architect in Kochi ends with GreenToday Architects, who creates multifarious constructions with supreme quality control and ethical dealings, from world-class experience.

Who is the Best Architect Near Me in Kochi?

If you are looking for the Best Architect Near Me in Kochi, your search ends here. Connect with us, GreenToday Architects, The best Architects Kochi, or Architects Ernakulam, for the best home designs.

Architects in Kochi contact number?

GreenToday Architects CONTACT US Phone: +91 9074572030, The best home designers in Kochi.