construction company in kakkanad

Construction Company in Kakkanad

GreenToday Architects, the unparalleled construction company excels in the construction arena through its in-depth knowledge of architecture and engineering, the uncompromising quality ethos, the diligent execution of the work by highly skilled workers, and the value for money effect transmitted to the clients. With these inimitable features, GreenToday Architects created magical pieces of architecture in the forms of residential villas and flats, business apartments and offices, commercial complexes, malls, educational institutions, and government offices which stand out as the test of time in architecture and splendor and futuristic technology. GreenToday Architects construction company in Kakkanad is a celebrated company that is running under the stewardship of Mr. Faizal M Asan, Senior Civil Engineer, and CEO  who was instrumental in creating stupendous structures and buildings in the government and private sectors, both in the Middle East and India. We initiate diverse working patterns, compendious managerial skills, transparent dealings, and exuberant quality of work. 

GreenToday Architects & Engineers

Deciding to take out your construction work by GreenToday Architects means you become free, leaving all concerns relates to it on our shoulders. We start our work by procuring the land and soil testing for project management including budget drafting, architectural designing, allocation of funds, construction, contractor jobs, finishing works, interior designing, and safety features installation. In addition, GreenToday Architects is in tune with the changing trends and features in the architecture and construction arena complying with modernity, thereby giving way to Green construction and Home Automation. 
Our course of action starts with soil testing to ensure the soil-bearing capacity, based on the basement or foundation is made. Along with it, our architect will hold a detailed consultation with the client to absorb his needs and dreams of him regarding the construction and interior decor of the space. Valid tips and suggestions will be given by the architect and combining all these, the initial draft of the architectural design will be drawn. Further discussions will be conducted and revamping, additions, and omissions will be done, and based on all these, the final blueprint design is generated.
Now our project management team in consultation with the architecture and construction team will design a genuine budget that covers every spec of construction and architecture, without draining the financial store of the client and without adjusting the quality of construction and quality of materials.

Construction Phase

Next starts our construction phase. Based on the design, a strong foundation is created, which must support the whole building with its complete floors. The structure is built with strong wood and steel beams followed by the erection of walls, doors, and windows plus roofing of the first floor.  The work now is extended to the construction of further floors, along with the provisioning of plumbing, electrical work, and air conditioning. After completing the final floor, the final roofing starts. After that, it’s time for finishing works like flooring, electrification, plumbing, painting, etc. The main chapter of construction comes to an end.

Tuning with the needs and dreams of the client, customized and aesthetically brilliant interior work will be done based on the interior plan, already done. Artistic usage of color, tone, and consumables, curtains for each room will be done but will merge with the overall tone of the whole building. The kitchen interior will be marked by modular kitchen sets and supporting cabinets.
Exterior design and creation are as important as the interior. Therefore, GreenToday Architects aesthetically create brilliant landscaping with ponds, pavements, gardens, fountains, etc.

Green Building

GreenToday Architects, the top construction company in Kakkanad is the greatest exponent of Green Building construction in our state. We believe the construction and existence of a building must go with nature, without tormenting its soul. We institute sustainable building features which encompass water conservation and management, solar energy utilization, energy efficiency, waste management, and use of sustainable construction materials. Through these, ecology will be protected, human health will be boosted, and water and energy will be preserved.
 Incorporation of safety features is a topmost consideration of GreenToday Architects, which resist any undue infiltration of natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, fire, etc, and man-made calamities like short circuit dangers.
Home Automation is the need and trend of modern times. We inculcate extraordinary knowledge in changing your homes to automated homes. All security, safety, lifestyle, entertainment, culinary, and plumbing appliances will be automated and connected to your fingertips with the latest and state-of-the-art gadgets and Wi-Fi. By these, an increase in comfort and safety is ensured, along with energy saving.
GreenToday Architects is the biggest and most sought-after construction company in Kakkanad, Kochi Kerala. The first and foremost reason behind this is our uncompromising stance on the quality of construction and the quality of materials. Along with it, ethical dealings with the client need to be highlighted. The well-organized project management team clarifies to the client the monetary position of the construction, at the very outset itself. The world-class experience of GreenToday Architects helps us by offering one year warranty for our handed-over project and lifetime support. These features help GreenToday Architects in the influx of referrals and repeated customers.