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Though a home is a lifelong dream for a person, dedicating full-time devotion to its construction is very difficult in today’s life scenario. Earlier, even if a person was busy, they would be surrounded by elder relatives who could spend time monitoring the construction. However, with the shift from joint families to nuclear families, there is often no one available to help in times of dire need. In such cases, we entrust the design and construction to professionals who can carry out each phase of construction, from land procurement to project handover. Know more about the importance and the best Project Management Consultancy in Kerala.

Why you should hire an experienced Project Management Consultancy for your dream project?

Most people do not have a clear understanding of Project Management Consultancy (PMC) and its role in collaboration with builders. Many construction companies have an integrated PMC that can design the project based on architectural designs, budgeting, and implementation with the necessary materials and workforce.

In reality, PMC works better for residential projects than commercial ones. The PMC undertakes a detailed study and evaluation of the architectural design, primarily focusing on budgeting.

Firstly, the PMC considers and assesses the materials, pricing, and quantity. Expert advice is crucial to determine the quality and quantity of materials. The PMC can assist in procuring materials at competitive rates without compromising quality.

Next, the PMC identifies a suitable contractor for the project. This involves inspecting and studying the contractor’s finished and ongoing projects. The contractor must possess technical brilliance, experience, and high competence. A contractor agreement incorporating all relevant clauses needs to be established between the client and the contractor.

The main task of the PMC is project scheduling and dividing the work among different departments to ensure smooth project execution. The drawings from the architect are collected and transferred to various departments, allowing for material collection, work execution, and quality checks.

The PMC conducts regular inspections and supervises the entire construction process without bias. This constant review and updating maintain high-quality standards.

Checks are conducted at various stages, and each stage completion undergoes in-depth analysis and verification.

If any major faults occur, the PMC addresses them and informs the client of necessary action.

Lastly, the PMC handles all billing matters, particularly with the contractor, using stringent processes to ensure accuracy and prevent any financial burden on the client.

Thus, the PMC ensures a transparent, ethical, and highly productive approach to initiating and conducting the construction process.

Project Management Consultancy in Kerala: GreenToday Architects

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If you need to construct a new house, we encourage you to seek the professional assistance of GreenToday Architects, the most celebrated builder and construction company in Kerala.

We have an in-house Project Management Consultancy that works closely with our architects and engineering departments.

With our commitment to quality control, ethical practices, extensive experience, and a dedicated project management team that reports directly to the clients,

GreenToday Architects has completed magnificent residential villas, flats, business apartments, offices, commercial complexes, malls, educational institutions, and government offices.

Our institution is led by the esteemed senior civil engineer, Mr. Faizal M Asan, who has successfully delivered numerous projects in India and the Middle East.

We are supported by highly talented architects, engineers, contractors, and technicians. GreenToday Architects takes on various types of construction projects, from land procurement to soil testing, project designing, architectural design, construction, interior decoration, exterior design, green construction, and home automation safety features, all executed with meticulous mastery and stringent quality control.

We offer after-sales warranty and lifetime support for all our projects, ensuring satisfaction and fostering repeat and referral customers.