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Whenever the name GreenToday Architects, the elite construction company among the top construction companies in Ernakulam, comes to mind, these three phrases also come to mind: aesthetics recreated, innovation reinvented, and quality redefined.
GreenToday Architects became the chosen name for construction among Keralites through these criteria and manifested a number of unmatched engineering feats in the name of residential villas and flats, business apartments and offices, commercial complexes and malls, educational institutions and government offices, resorts, and hotels with stringent quality parameters, world-class experience, a high-brown project management system, and highly transparent and ethical dealings.
The comprehensive knowledge of construction and the stupendous execution of architecture earned GreenToday Architects the name of the best construction company in Kerala.

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Mr. Faizal M. Asan, CEO. GreenToday

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GreenToday Architects, under the able leadership of Mr. Faizal M. Asan, the senior civil engineer who had been the mastermind in delivering great engineering projects both in the government and private sectors in India and the Middle East, had risen to a unique status in the construction arena and created ultimate architectural marvels. He gave a new direction to the construction ethos and methods, which no other construction company can emulate. The voluminous knowledge in engineering and the mastery in its execution remain the key factors in endeavoring this.

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4B Arcade, Infopark Road,  Kusumagiri P.O, Kakkanad- 682030, Kerala, India

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The Blueprint of Success: How Our Construction Excellence Comes to Life!

Soil Testing

The load-bearing capacity is assessed by soil testing, which is necessary to decide the type of basement to be used. 


Then our architect will conduct a detailed consultation with the client to draw up his visions and ideas regarding the space. Proper suggestions will be given by the architects, and combining all these, an initial architectural design draft will be created. It will be subjected to further discussions and revamping to produce the final draft, which is actually the blueprint of the building. After conducting research on this design, the project management team will evolve the budget, the allocation of funds, and the phases of construction.



 According to the design, the construction process starts with basement, structuring, wall and window installation, roofing, additional floors construction, final roofing and the provisioning of air conditioners, plumbing and electrical lines. Finishing works like plumbing, electrification, painting, tiling, etc.


Interior Designs

Our interior designers will etch out an aesthetically brilliant design using proper spacing, lighting, painting, and stylish consumables like sofa sets, curtains, blinds , couches, teapoys, cots, carpets, indoor plants, etc. Like wise kitchens, they will be hallmarked with modular kitchen sets, cabinets, and lighting.

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Green Building

GreenToday Architects is always a prolific exponent of green building construction, so we institute sustainable building features that encompass water conservation and management, solar energy utilization, energy efficiency, waste management, and the use of sustainable construction materials. These will protect the ecology, boost human health, and preserve water and energy.
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Home automation

Home automation is part and parcel of the new digital life. Safety, surveillance, entertainment, culinary, plumbing, electrical, and lifestyle aspects are all tied to your fingertips using state-of-the-art gadgets and Wi-Fi.  Thus, GreenToday Architects, the best among the top construction companies in Ernakulam, assure you of an ultramodern living style.
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Exterior Design

Unlike in earlier times, exterior design stooped to professionalism because an outsider gets a staunch impression of the house from it’s exterior. Therefore, GreenToday Architects decorate the exterior with well-built compound walls, gardening, pavements, ponds, fountains, lighting, and land scaping.
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The people of Kerala do not initiate multiple options in the case of construction, as they stick to GreenToday Architects only because of their unerring quality, world-class experience, ethical dealings, and disciplined after-sales service. We offer the clients a one-year warranty for the handed-over space and life-time support. This is also one of the reasons that GreenToday Architects attracts repeat and referral customers.
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