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Home is a conglomeration of dreams, needs, aesthetics, and personality of a person. It embodies these aspects in their truest proportions. It is a long-nurtured dream to build a home of his own with his hard-earned money. It is dire need of him and his entire family to live in a house with the needful structure and amenities. The home of one holds the aesthetics, its owner and inmates have and that will synchronize with the need. Ultimately it is the reflection of his personality and conviction. Thus, home is a matchless reality and entity. Consult us for the best Living Room Interior Designs, Bedroom designs, and Bathroom designs.

Transform Your Living Room into a Cozy Haven: Top Design Tips and Ideas

Considering all the rooms and spaces a house has, the living room or living space reserves special attention and glamour as it is the center of attraction of the house from an external visitor’s or guest’s point of view. For him, the living room determines the merit of the house.
Strategically the living rooms must be located in an easy-access position, away from the vicinity of other rooms and the people using those rooms. A guest should easily enter this living room from outside without any hindrance. He shall not be noticed by the members inside the bedrooms and he must not be an intruder in the activities happening inside the bedrooms.
Being the most appealing room, the living room must integrate aesthetics with purpose. A plush interior, without hampering the budget should be made.
Good sofa sets with beautiful and high-quality upholstery are needed. Teapoy and other tables must be deployed aesthetically and without creating any blockades while passing.
Artifacts can be displayed to enhance the artistic vibrancy of the room provided they must comply with the theme of the living room.
But the murals, antiques, artifacts, coffee tables, and light stands, all must not be fixed fixtures, instead, they need to be portable, as they must be changed positions according to the change of theme in the future.
Indoor plants infuse not only beauty but fresh breath also inside the rooms.
Spotlight escalated the richness and charm of the entire room.
Curtains with curly drapery add a luxurious feel to the living space. They must sink in with the color tone and total aura of the room. Curtains should also allow natural light to fall during day time.
Carpets covering the entire room give artistry and an aristocratic feel to the entire room. They are supposed to be rolled and stored during heavy showers because they can cause dampness.
A long mirror gives the feeling of a large space in the room.
Chandeliers and wall hangings give your living space a palace-like feel.
Modern interior decor advocates the construction of a stand-out wall that wears a separate color and tone or separate wallpaper for giving individuality to the room lifting out the monotonousness.
Mini bar and music system can be integrated to accentuate a party vibe and soothing effect.
Televisions can be avoided as they disturb the interaction with the guests. 

Sustainable Living Room Design by GreenToday Architects

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