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GreenToday Architects, the best construction company in Ernakulam, exhibits voluminous mastery in constructing various types of spaces like residential villas and flats, business apartments and offices, commercial complexes and malls, educational institutions and government offices, resorts, and hotels. The construction ethos displayed by GreenToday Architects is unique and is highlighted by stringent quality parameters, world-class experience, a high-end project management system, and ethical interpersonal relations. These features make GreenToday Architects the highest-sought-after construction company in our state.

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Mr. Faizal M. Asan, CEO. GreenToday

An accomplished senior civil engineer, Mr. Faizal M. Asan, who was the mastermind in endeavouring umpteen engineering feats both in the public and private sectors in India and the Middle East, is the CEO of GreenToday Architects and is the perennial source of inspiration.

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4B Arcade, Infopark Road,  Kusumagiri P.O, Kakkanad- 682030, Kerala, India.

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How We Work: A Glimpse Into Our Construction Excellence!

Though an out-and-out prolific construction company, GreenToday Architects cannot be limited to a construction company alone; instead, it is a multi-faceted company with separate departments for architectural design, project management systems, construction, interior design, exterior design, green construction, home automation, safety feature deployment, etc. We have an in-house gallantry of architects, engineers, contractors, electricians, plumbers, workers, etc.
Each and every aspect regarding the creation of a space is shouldered by GreenToday Architects, from the procurement of land to soil testing, architectural design, construction, interior decoration, exterior design, green construction, home automation, and safety feature incorporation with incomparable quality.

Soil Testing

Once the land is procured, GreenToday Architects conducts the soil testing to detect the soil bearing capacity, which is essential to deciding what type of basement should be made for the building.


Then our team of architects will interact with the client, assimilating their visions and ideas to bring forth the initial draft of the architectural design. This is further revamped, and finally, the real blueprint of the building will be produced.

Project Management

The project management team will study the design and budgeting, and the allocation of funds will be decided. The different stages of construction are also initiated by the project management team.


Now the core work of GreenToday Architects commences... the construction. It starts by constructing the suitable foundation which must be capable of holding the complete building with all its floors. Then the structuring starts with the construction of columns and installation of doors and windows, culminating in the roofing of the initial floor. Now the construction of the subsequent floors continue with provisioning of electrification, plumbing and air-conditioning. The construction phase ends with final roofing, tiling, electrification, plumbing, painting etc.

Interior Designs

Now, the interior designers, who have already designed the interior theme and decor by incorporating the clients visions and our own aesthetics, will conduct it. Each room will be artistically moulded into a feature of its own, but it will comply with the overall aura. The paint colour, spacing, tone, lighting and light fitting, sofa set, teapoy, curtains, blinds, wall papers, couch, and cot will be designed and displayed in such a manner that they will enhance the beauty of the room. Modular kitchen sets with latest cabinets will be adorned in the kitchen to add to the charm of culinary experience

Safety Features

GreenToday Architects believes that safety is of greater importance than any other feature in construction. That's why we create a strong basement with super-strong structure and construction. Moreover, all salient safety features that block the trespassing of natural calamities like earthquakes, lighting, floods, etc. and man-made calamities like fire, short circuits, etc. are assembled in GreenToday Architects construction.

Home Automation

Home automation triggers the vibrancy of modern living. In today's world, we cannot think of a non-automated the need and vibe of the day. Safety, surveillance, entertainment, culinary, plumbing, electrical, and lifestyle aspects are all tied to your fingertips using state-of-the-art gadgets and Wi-Fi. Thus, GreenToday architects assure you of an ultramodern living style fenced by safety.

Exterior Design

Formerly, professional touch in exterior design did not happen. But now things have changed, and we consider that an outsider gets an impression of our house from its exterior. Therefore, GreenToday Architects gives it an aesthetic touch by creating well-built compound walls, gardens, pavements, ponds, fountains, lighting, and landscapes.

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GreenToday Architects is regarded as the best construction company in Kerala because of the growing testimonials of the loyal clients, which highlight the quality of construction, materials, and work force, global experience, a high-brown project management system, and ethical and transparent dealings. We also provide a scintillating offer in the form of a one-year warranty and lifetime support for our handed-over projects. These features bring GreenToday Architects an influx of repeat and referral customers.

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