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Home is the sweetest entity, a family adores and relishes for dwelling.  No other haven in the world is sweeter. That’s why creating a home becomes the greatest endeavor, a man or woman wishes and needs to undertake. But the hurdles, hardships, and challenges are many. Budget is not only the constraint, instead lack of proper planning, quality loss in materials and work, and poor execution, all make the creation of a home a struggle and mess. But if we learn certain points and apply them during each phase of construction, we will not be at loss, on the other hand, we can manifest our dream home, marvelously. Here we, GreenToday Architects and Engineers, the best Interior Designers in Kottayam, are discussing certain points, which are very much relevant in interior decoration.

Space and Room  requirements

The very first and foremost aspect needed to be considered is the space of each room and the requirements needed for each room. The client should have a clear-cut vision of the space and spacing of the room. Overstuffing a room with furniture and consumables is not aesthetically approved, instead leaving some space, not inherited will accentuate the beauty of the room. The requirements of the room must comply with the room space and the number of persons dwelling in the room and the house, as a whole. Graph a floor plan and tabulate your requirements.
Interior Designers in Kottayam


The most inevitable aspect of interior design, like any construction or enterprise, is the budget. How we design the budget, what are the key areas we take into consideration, and how we allocate the budget are chief points to be reckoned with? We, the best Interior Designers in Kochi, design the budget, according to your requirements and aesthetics. For that, we need to have a vision of the size of the room, the type of furniture, and accessories. Here also spacing plays an important part. The needed furniture, wardrobe, modular kitchen, etc. should be selected, by finding out the latest offers from various dealers and buying accordingly. The allocation of funds must be executed on a predetermined plan, by buying the consumables in the earlier stage, planning the work and workforce effectively, and distributing the funds systematically.
Interior Designers in Kottayam

Design Development

A blend of creative thought processes and interior architecture is the basis of interior decoration. If you entrust the interior designing to a professional designer, he can give a blueprint or virtual design, by incorporating the client’s needs and designers’ inputs. The designers usually use the 3D design tool, Spacecraft, with the help of which, he can show you personalized interior designs for your plan, from anywhere.
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Electrical and Plumbing points

Planning electric and plumbing points plus selecting light fittings are very crucial in interior design. Electrical points needed to be decided not only before starting interior designing but at the time of building the rooms itself. All electrical points, air conditioning provisions, plumbing, and pipeline works must be designed and executed before finishing the room works. As lighting plays a significant role in enhancing the aesthetics of the room, the selection of light fittings is of prime importance.

False ceiling

False ceiling has become a vital part of the interior design in modern homes. It’s made one foot below the real ceiling which, not only ascends the beauty of the room but conceals the plumbing pipes and electrical wires. The electrical ducts and points are set through this false ceiling. 

Choosing colors for walls

Choosing wall colors is another integral part to uplift the aesthetics of the room. The colors must be in tune with the lighting, furniture, and total tone. In addition, top-quality paints should be used on the walls, which must be water treated. We have the best Interior Designers in Kottayam, to help you out with it.
Interior Designers in Kottayam

Flooring materials and design

Another important, yet the most time-consuming task is the selection of flooring materials and the right mode of flooring. The choice depends on the cost, area, beauty, purpose, and quality. Based on these, one can choose hardwood, laminates, vinyl, and tiles. While flooring bathrooms, priority should not only be given to beauty, instead safety and purpose must be considered. 

Woodwork, Furniture, and wardrobe

Utility, quality, and beauty must go hand in hand while designing and making woodwork, furniture, and wardrobe. Quality of wood and quality of work must not be compromised, at any cost. The amount of furniture must comply with the space of the rooms. If you have a small living space, get furniture with enough storage space 

Home accessories and home furnishings

For each room, we can select different kinds of accessories. Usage of colorful accessories and curtains can elevate the design of the space, along with fun and joy. For the bathroom, the selection of faucets and plumbing fixtures is to be done, well in advance.
Interior Designers in Kottayam

Modular kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of a home, a unique room where work goes in harmony with living. The amenities in the kitchen must be purpose-oriented. But, different from ancient times, the beauty of architecture and interior décor rose to lofty heights, while designing a kitchen. Modular kitchen sets of high quality can balance the purpose and beauty of the kitchen, thereby enhancing the culinary culture. Call us, the best Kitchen Interior Designs in Kochi to know more.


When the design and plan are ready, the installation process starts. Utmost supervision is needed to confirm the installation process is at par with the plan and design. We, the best Interior Designers in Kottayam, always give supreme importance to installation.


Finally the finishing!  As it comes down to the finishing of the design, keep an eye on even the minute details. Check on the polish of the woodwork, the finish of the paint and furniture, the strength of the cabinet handles, and the corner finishing of each room.

Best Interior Designers in Kottayam

If you feel conceiving these notes difficult, and manifesting them in reality, laborious, you can seek the services of the greatest builders and top interior designers of Kerala, GreenToday Architects. We have a stand-in experience of more than a decade in creating and realizing magnificent edifices in the forms of residential flats and villas, business apartments and offices, commercial complexes and malls, educational institutions and government offices, etc. with unflinching technical perfection, supreme quality control, and world-class experience. We acknowledge and realize your dream interiors without quality compromise and with utmost ethical interaction. We assimilate your interior needs and vision with our technical brilliance and experience and create a strategic and aesthetic interior with a keen safeguard of your budget.

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