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Your Complete Construction Solution in Aluva: GreenToday Architects' Indomitable Excellence

GreenToday Architects, the best construction company in Aluva, is reckoned as the ultimate exhibitors of supreme quality construction in Kerala, adhering to professionalism and aesthetic values. It becomes the most sought-after architectural and construction company because of its inimitable command of materializing the construction needs of its valuable clients, backed up by engineering exuberance and architectural brilliance.
GreenToday Architects is fed with stringent quality parameters, world-class experience, a well-crafted project management system, and exceptional ethical dealings. A common man to a multimillionaire can reach out to us to get the wings of our support for their construction flight.

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GREENTODAY Architects and Engineers
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Trusting GreenToday Architects: A Stress-Free Journey to Quality Construction

From the testimonials and reviews taken from our clients, we feel that a customer, by entrusting their work to GreenToday Architects, will feel at ease as they are taken back from their stress and tensions. Moreover, they feel happy with the quality of construction and the budget designed by the project management team. It will not tear away their purse without compromising the quality. In addition, GreenToday Architects is well equipped to carry out the complete facets of construction, from the procurement of land to soil testing, architectural design, construction, interior decoration, exterior design, Green Building, Home Automation, safety feature incorporation, etc., with indomitable excellence.

Meet Our Visionary CEO: Mr. Faizal M. Asan, A Renowned Senior Civil Engineer

GreenToday Architects is blessed to have Mr. Faizal M. Asan, a renowned senior civil engineer, as our CEO. He had vast experience conducting numerous high-end engineering feats, both in the government and private sectors, in India and the Middle East, and he was the first choice as the consultant for various engineering programs. This capacity of Mr. Faizal M. Asan steered GreenToday Architects to tread in the realms of high-browed  construction in the state.

NRI-Friendly Construction Company

We are regarded as the architect ambassador of a vast number of NRI clients, mostly from the Middle East, Europe, and the US. We realized a wide range of elegant edifices in the forms of residential villas and flats, business apartments and offices, commercial complexes and malls, educational institutions and government offices, hotels, and resorts with unsurpassed skill and expertise. 

Crafting Dreams with Care: GreenToday Architects' Holistic Approach to Construction

GreenToday Architects, the top-rated construction company in Aluva, procures the land you wish to buy. After buying, we conduct the soil testing to ensure the soil bearing capacity and to decide what type of basement to be built to hold the complete building with all its floors.
Then an exhaustive interaction and discussion will be done by our architects with the client to know their visions, dreams, and needs regarding the building. Suitable suggestions and inputs will be given by the architects, and by combining all these, a primary architectural design will be created. Further discussions over the plan will be delivered with revamping, additions, and omissions, and as a result of all these, the final draft of the architectural design will be furnished, which can be called the real blueprint of the building.
Our project management will analyze the accepted layout and design the budget for the entire program. This projected budget will never waive from the actual budget, but it will never sacrifice the quality of work or materials. With the budgeting, the phases of construction and the allocation of funds will be initiated.
Now the construction phase gets started by creating the foundation. This will be followed by structuring with strong wood and steel beams, followed by the erection of walls, windows, and doors, ending in the construction of the first floor. Further floors will be constructed, along with setting the provisions of plumbing, electrical work and air conditioning  When the construction of the final floor culminates, the final roofing will be done. Then finishing works start with flooring, plumbing, electrical work, painting, electrification, and plumbing.
By this time, the interior designers have designed the interior theme and décor by assimilating the client’s visions and our own aesthetic brilliance. Each room will be artistically carved into a nature of its own, but it will sink in with the overall aura. Each artifact, paint color, spacing, tone, lighting and light fitting, sofa set, teapoy, curtain, blind, and wall paper will be designed and exhibited in such a way that they will trigger the aesthetics of the room. Modular kitchen sets with the latest cabinets will be set in the kitchen to enhance the beauty of culinary experience.
GreenToday Architects is the pioneer of green construction in our state. We believe that the construction and existence of a building will go hand in hand with the ecological ethos. Therefore, we institute sustainable building features that encompass water conservation and management, solar energy utilization, energy efficiency, waste management, and the use of sustainable construction materials. Through these, ecology will be protected, human health will be boosted, and water and energy will be preserved.
Home automation is a top priority in this digital age. need of the digital age. GreenToday Architects displays a marvelous torque in transforming your homes into automated homes. All security, safety, lifestyle, entertainment, culinary, and plumbing appliances will be automated and connected to your finger tips with the latest and most state-of-the-art gadgets and Wi-Fi. By adapting to home automation, an increase in comfort and safety is ensured, along with energy savings.
Safety features incorporation is a top priority for GreenToday Architects, the top construction company in Aluva, in creating a peaceful living environment. Strong foundations and well-built structures play strong parts in protecting the safety. In addition, we create a safety atmosphere in the building that resists any undue infiltration of natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, fire, etc. and man-made calamities like short-circuit dangers.
Like interior decoration, GreenToday Architects gives great impetus to exterior design, unlike in earlier times, when most architects and clients had not thought of professional exterior décor. But there is a genuine need for it because we know that the primary impression that an outsider gets of a house is from its exterior. Therefore, to magnify the exterior beauty, we create strong compound walls, designer walls, ponds, lawns, exterior lightings, pavements, landscapes, etc.

Construction Company in Aluva

GreenToday Architects, the famous construction company in Aluva is placed in a prime position among other builders because of the stringent quality it delivers. Along with this, transparency in dealings with the client is strictly maintained throughout the process. The sophisticated project management system will give the client the perfect picture of the budget and the proceedings.
Our world-class experience will give the client the architectural excellence of global standards. Unlike other builders, we have an in-house gallantry of architects, engineers, contractors, workers, plumbers, and electricians. Moreover, GreenToday Architects is the only construction company that gives its customers a one-year warranty and lifetime support for handed-over projects. This is also another reason for the inflow of repeated and referral customers.