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Are you looking for the best Architects in Kakkanad? GreenToday Architects, the most vibrant architectural colosseum is here to satiate all your architectural and construction needs, with exemplary craftsmanship and aesthetics.

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Best Architects in Kakkanad

GreenToday Architects is the most celebrated architecture and construction company in Kerala, which delivered stupendous art pieces, clubbing the innate art with the dreams of the clients and realized a handful number of residential villas and flats, business apartments, and offices, commercial complexes and malls, educational institutions and government offices with hellacious craftsmanship and compendious technical expertise. For the last more than one decade, GreenToday Architects reigns as the synonym of quality, ethical dealings, world-class experience, and unmatched after-sale support.

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Why Choose Us?

GreenToday Architects, The Best Architects in Kakkanad

Architecture is an inherent art possessed by an architect which proclaims the evolving aesthetics that needs to cover the pertinent need of a human being. Any architecture, which does not support the wants of a man or woman is not architecture. In building a home, office, or commercial space, architecture should merge with the dreams, aspirations, and needs of the client toward his or her space.

The work of GreenToday Architects starts with procuring land for the client and testing the soil, to see to the fact that the soil will bear the weight of the building. A basement or foundation is created according to the soil-bearing capacity. 
The architect of GreenToday will have a detailed consultation with the client and he will patiently hear the client’s needs and dreams, regarding the nature of construction, the number and nature of rooms, interior decoration, and the complete style. Valuable inputs will be given by the architect and incorporating all these, the first draft of the drawing or plan will be created. Revamping, additions and omissions are done on this, based on further discussions with the client. Based on all these, a final architectural drawing is produced, which can be called the real blueprint of the building. This will be a diagrammatic representation of all the features of the building, which is like the screenplay of a movie.

Concept to Creation

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Our Project Management

Our Project management team will design proper budgeting for the complete project, which engulfs all features from design to handing over. The actual budget will never deviate from this, and will never put an additional burden on the client. Based on the design, all relevant papers needed for the construction will be bought from the local body offices. Any further sanctions from government offices will also be grabbed by us.

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Our Construction

When the architectural design is completed, our team of engineers, technicians, and workers, headed by our CEO & Senior Civil Engineer Mr. Faizal. M. Asan will parade to the site, to exhibit the magic of construction. They start with a strong basement creation, which will support the whole building with all its floors. 

Once the basement is completed, using steel and wood beams, the structure is completed. Our engineers will make sure that it will bear the load. Walls, doors, and windows are erected and roofing is done for the first floor, commencing the construction of the further floor. Plumbing, electrical, and air conditioning provisions are installed along with this. When the floors are completed and the final roofing is over, finishing jobs start. They include electrification, plumbing, tiling, painting, etc. On finishing these, the main phase of construction is said to be over.

Interior Design

The interior design has already been done by our interior decoration experts. They will give a customized design tuning to the client’s tastes. An aesthetic usage of color, tone, lighting, use of consumables, curtains, etc. will be done. Each room has its own tone, but it will merge with the totality of the building. Modular kitchen sets and supporting kitchen aids enhance the stature of the kitchen.

Exterior Designing

The exterior of the building is also as important as the interior. We design and execute proper landscaping along with ponds, fountains, pavements, gardens, etc. in the most sophisticated and aesthetic manner.


Safety is of paramount importance. All the safety features will be incorporated into the construction, which resists the untoward attack of natural calamities like floods, fire, and earthquakes and man-made calamities like short circuits.

Green Building

Green Building construction is another great feature of GreenToday Architects, which institutes sustainable building features which encompass water conservation and management, solar energy utilization, energy efficiency, waste management, and the use of sustainable construction materials. These will protect ecology, boost human health and preserve water and energy.

Home Automation

Home Automation is the need of the day, which Green Today Architects has mastered. We have the in-depth technical knowledge to change your home to an auto home. By using the latest gadgets and Wi-Fi, all security, safety, lifestyle, entertainment, culinary, and plumbing appliances will be automated at your fingertips. This will increase comfort and safety and also saves energy.

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GreenToday Architects, the best Architects in Kakkanad, is a stalwart company, that believes in quality and ethics. We initiate quality, architecture and construction, and the usage of quality materials. No compromise is done towards this. Ethical dealing is a portfolio of GreenToday. All the dealings with the client will be transparent, from budgeting to construction to handing over. We are driven by our world-class experience, which helps us to offer one year warranty to our handed-over space and lifetime support. This inevitably offered us back repeated and referral customers.