Types of walls: inside and outside walls in kerala

Types of walls: Inside & Outside walls

Understand the types of walls used in construction and their importance!
Hard-earned money, dreams, and ideas only cannot create a home, your long-cherished dream. But the perfect allocation of funds, the perfect design, and the perfect execution materialize this vibrant ambition. So, today it is advisable to entrust the construction of your home to professionals who are quality borne and ethically bound. Without compromising on quality, you must be able to erect your edifice within the boundary wall of your budget and incorporate your future needs.
In-home construction, walls have a special status. At a time they give safety, aesthetics, and load bearing. The most important wall structure needed for an independent house is the compound wall or the boundary wall, which is the guarding wall of the home. There are different types of compound walls based on appearance and construction materials. They are:

Types of Outside Walls

  1. Masonry compound wall: This wall design helps the home shield it from road, dust, and noise pollution and serves the very purpose-security. These walls are constructed using laterite stones, red clay bricks, steel, and cement mortar. 
  2.  Cladding compound wall: This compound wall is clad with vitreous tiles, marble, or shear panels, fixed over masonry walls. 
  3. Ornamental compound wall: This modern boundary wall is designed in trendy patterns and cut-outs which is a combination of a masonry wall and mild stainless steel grills. 
  4.  Precast compound wall: Considered as the ideal residential boundary wall design, it is made in the factory and transported to the site. Its cost is comparatively less but gives off the modern compound wall design.

Types of Inside Walls

Walls inside the house provide utmost privacy and protection from rain, sun wind, and theft moreover they are used as electrical wiring and plumbing provisions.

  1. Partition wall: There are different types of walls of which the partition wall is to separate floor area into different units to provide privacy. They rest on the floors without carrying the weight from the roof or the floor. Partition walls are constructed using concrete, brick, timber, aluminum, glass, clay block, etc.
  2. Load bearing wall: is constructed in the parts of the building where beams and columns are absent. These walls are called load-bearing walls because load from the roof and the floors are transferred to the basement through the walls.
  3. Retaining walls: are constructed on uneven levels of the ground to restrain the level of the soil to the slope. It supports the soil laterally.
  4. Shear walls: are constructed to reduce the lateral way caused by earth pressure, wind, earthquakes, hydrostatic pressure, etc. These walls are lightweight and thin.
  5. Parapet walls: are created as protective barriers on the top floor to enhance safety and elevate the aesthetics of the building. The walls, we construct, must be strong to resist the impact of the building

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