Cracks on Walls- Causes and Fixing of Cracks on the Wall

causes and fixing of cracks on wall

Cracks on Walls

Our dream home or our dream office is an abode of heavenly feeling. We feel enthused, not by the magnitude of the building, but by the perfection of its construction. If some shortcomings appear in our building construction, they will pose a matter of great concern. One such case is the appearance of cracks on the building walls. let’s understand some possible causes and fixing of cracks on the wall.

Reasons for the Cracks

Several reasons can be assigned to the formation of cracks on building walls. Among them, the most prominent is the formation of air holes. Most often these cracks occur during the construction stage. After the blockwork, during plastering, workers usually do not notice small holes in the building. They continue with the plastering, but the holes will remain unfilled. When plastering is completed, the air gets filled in these holes. In course of time, due to temperature hikes, the air becomes expanded and comes out by making cracks. In new age construction, as we use M sand, instead of ordinary sand, the chances of cracks visibly occurring will be more.

How to Fix Cracks?

To avoid this, the best way is, during blockwork, to fill the air holes and then complete the plastering. If the air cracks had already occurred, during repainting time, they can be repaired by filler and paint. Some cracks may be indicative of structural ones which can be caused by soil changes, water leaking, degradation of materials, and engineering defect. These should be addressed at the outset of construction

 Green Today Architects, the best builders in Kochi, had already created engineering marvels in the forms of residential flats and villas, business apartments, malls, institutions offices, commercial esplanades, etc. We see through the issue of cracks at the designing stage itself and work accordingly. During block work itself, we fill all airholes, so that the question of refill and painting never arises. We take care of soil and water issues seriously during the construction phase itself. The high-quality materials and the in-depth knowledge in structural engineering of Green Today paved the way for aesthetic spaces with zero cracks.

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