Peeling Paint on walls?

A dream house is in everybody’s psyche. Through the hardships and toil, we all yearn for a perfect house. Not only a house, any space, be it an office, commercial building, or institution, for him, every construction needs to be the synonym of perfection. Based on that faith, he entrusts the construction to a professional builder. But there may occur some shortcomings in the making, that thrust as a problem.

One such defect that arises in a newly constructed house of nearly 2 years of age, is dampness or moisture that occurs on the walls, about 2 feet above the floor.

But, what can be the causes and how to fix peeling paints on walls? Let’s see…

fix peeling paints on walls

What causes the peeling of paints on walls?

  • The walls get wet and the paint becomes distorted and peels out.
  • This is mainly due to a phenomenon named capillary rise.
  • Through microscopic holes on the walls, water content rises to the plaster causing dampness, which is called capillary rise.
  • This is due to the surface interaction between the water and pore wall.
  • In bathrooms also the same dampness occurs on the walls causing the paint to wear out.
  • Another usual place to occur is the walls adjacent to natural stones.
  • Here also water content gets through the holes, causing the walls to become wet. 

How to fix peeling paints on walls?

  • The only solution to overcome this is waterproofing. After the plinth beam is constructed, the part which is 2 feet above should be coated with a high-quality waterproofing compound.
  • In bathrooms, after the plumbing work is completed, clean the bathroom thoroughly and fill all the holes perfectly. Along with that, high-grade waterproofing chemicals must be used. Then only the tiles should be put, by filling their gaps with epoxy fillers.
  • The walls near the natural stones need to be waterproofed with very effective waterproofing compounds. 
  •  These measures are to be put in force at the time of construction and not at the post-construction phase.
  • A reliable and experienced builder only has the insight and knowledge to tackle these issues.
GreenToday Architects, the best architects in Kerala, is such an engineering doyen who is in the forefront for the last 10 years. By this time, we have executed several stupendous buildings ranging from residential homes, flats, villas, commercial buildings, business apartments, institutions, malls, offices, etc., which stay as pieces of engineering excellence. Green Today Architects foresee even the minute issues, but which pose a great threat to the building, and work accordingly. The buildings they construct will be waterproofed with the best available water compounds and guarantee the clients that no trace of moisture will occur on the walls of buildings. 

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