Chartered Engineers in Kochi

Are you looking for the Top Chartered Engineers in Kochi, Kerala? Get top-notch engineering solutions from the Chartered Engineer at GreenToday Architects in Kochi, leading the way in innovation and excellence.

Chartered Engineers and Registered Valuers in Kochi

Er. Faizal M Asan, the CEO and the Chief Engineer of GreenToday Architects is the most celebrated Chartered Engineer in Kochi, who created engineering marvels in various forms like residential flats and villas, business apartments and offices, commercial complexes and malls, educational institutions, and government enterprises with scintillating technical quality and world-class designs. The heterogeneous portfolios for creating a space, like  Project Management, Soil Testing, Architectural Design, Construction, Renovation, Electrification, Plumbing, Interior Design, Green Building Construction, Home Automation, etc. are designed and manifested with unmatched perfection and brilliant execution.
A client identifying with or handing over his land to Faizal. M. Asan will be astonished to find the transformation, he carries out, through his innovative architectural designs, embellishing it to an engineering spectacle, combining aesthetics and purpose. In addition to it, he is authorized to avail all government sanctions needed for the construction of your space.
As an empanelled Chartered Engineer in Kerala, he holds key positions in valuing and assessing various engineering projects aided by Banks and also functions as the Chartered Engineer on the original side of the High Court, Central Excise, and Customs. Backed up by skilled engineers, enthusiastic contractors, and prolific workers as well as aided by state-of-the-art infrastructure, global experience, and transparent dealings, Er. Faizal M Asan and GreenToday Architects are continuing their creations, fetching repeated and referral customers. 

What are Chartered Engineers in Kerala?

The Institute of Engineers in India (IEI) endows the skilled engineers of our country, who display the varied parameters of expertise, professionalism, and experience in their diligent forms, with the prestigious certificate of Chartered Engineer.
 IEI believes that the profession of engineering must be perspicuous and will comply with genuine needs, architectural brilliance, undaunted safety, and contemporary trends. Engineers who can uplift their profession to soaring heights are subjected to rigorous scrutiny before endowing the title, Chartered Engineer by IEI.
The certificate issued by one of the oldest and the largest professional bodies of engineers in the world called IEI, entitles an engineer to be empanelled as a Chartered Engineer in the original side of High Courts, Central Excise and Customs, and other similar government concerns, apart from empanelled as Valuer, Loss Assessor in financial institutions like Bank, Insurance Companies, etc. IEI, in fact, acknowledges one’s technical and academic qualifications, along with professional experience on a global platform.

What does a Chartered Engineer do?

Chartered Engineer is responsible for employing his engineering knowledge and skills to see, manage and execute the construction of various engineering projects. He must be adept in ensuring the quality of designing structures, initiating specifications of materials and systems, and enforcing the management of projects. Moreover, a Chartered Engineer needs to follow the stringent fencing of budget and time. Technical advice must be tendered by a Chartered Engineer in identifying and solving major and minor issues. The solutions, he delivers must be binding and innovative and should meet and cover all the needs of the client.

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