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How is the Best Apartment in Kochi manifested?

GreenToday Architects, the best apartment builders in Kochi, manifests the best apartments in Kochi, by the sheer execution of high-quality structural engineering, aesthetically brilliant interior and exterior designing, virtuous ethical standards, planning, and performing of perfect budgeting.

Soil Testing before Construction

From the procurement of land itself, GreenToday Architects starts our work. We choose the land, most suitable for realizing the client’s dream space. We initiate soil testing of the land to know whether the soil will bear the weight of the building. Accordingly, the basement or foundation is built.

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Architectural Designs

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Architecture starts thereafter. The architects of Green Today will have a heated discussion or rather a series of discussions with the client to inculcate the visions, dreams, and needs of the client, he wants to be in the building. This will include construction, interior and exterior designing, number and nature of rooms and kitchens etc. Our architects will sprinkle a lot of useful suggestions and assimilating all these, the first diagrammatic draft of the space is created. Further discussions on this, revamping, and additions will be done and a final draft will be evolved, which is the real blueprint of the building. 
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It is our prerogative to prepare the relevant papers for the government sanction, needed for the construction and to avail the necessary papers from local body departments. 


Based on the architectural diagram, our Project Management team designs the budget, which covers every aspect of construction. This pre-designed budget will equal the actual budget and never deviates from it. 

Construction Phase

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Next is the commencement of the construction phase. Our team comprising a Senior Civil Engineer, Engineers, Architects, Technicians, and workers exhibit the magical creation, starting with a foundation, strong enough to support the whole building with multiple floors.
After that, the structure is constructed using steel and columns, which our engineers will get ensured will bear the load and force of gravity. Doors, windows, drywall, and roofing works follow, continued by next-floor creation.
Once floor construction is over, the final roofing will be done. Simultaneously, plumbing, electrical and air conditioning provisions will be installed. Once the main construction aspects are over, finishing jobs will be done which include tiling, painting, electrification, and plumbing. By this, the first phase of construction culminates.
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Interior Designing

GreenToday Architects, the best Interior Designers in Kochi has a special wing of interior designers and workers, who will aesthetically design and create the interior décor of the space, through the stylish and systematic usage of color, tone, curtains, light, and consumables. Each room is endowed with a special and customized tone , but will merge with the overall beauty. The interior of the kitchen is peculiarly manifested with modular kitchen sets and supporting features, that will elevate the culinary culture.

Exterior Designs

The exterior of the building is also created artistically, as per the client’s need and plan. Proper landscaping, and construction of ponds, pavements, porches, servant cottages, and storage rooms, all should be done in the most sophisticated manner. 

Safety First

GreenToday Architects, the Best Apartment Builders in Kochi, is very much particular in incorporating safety features that will resist the trespassing of natural calamities like flood, fire, earthquakes, etc., and man-made havoc like short circuits.

Green Building

Green Building is the need of the hour and we are accustomed to and proficient in enabling it, by instituting sustainable building features, which encompass water conservation and management, solar energy utilization, energy efficiency, waste management, and the use of sustainable construction materials. These will protect ecology, boost human health and preserve water and energy. 

Home Automation

New homes and office spaces have now become smart, because of the strategic impetus of technology. We, the best Home Automation in Kochi, have the pertinent scientific know-how to change your space to a smart space by using the latest gadgets and Wi-Fi. With these, all safety, security, lifestyle, entertainment, culinary, and plumbing appliances are automated and connected to your fingertips. This will ensure safety, comfort, and energy saving. 

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Quality and ethics are the two pillars on which GreenToday Architects is erected. No compromise, at any cost is done in the quality of work and the quality of materials. Ethical quality engulfs all strata of construction from, budgeting, designing, execution, and after-sales service. Apart from these, our world-class experience too helped us to manifest several magnificent, artistic spaces of elegance. GreenToday offers its customers, one year warranty for any work in the handed-over building and support for a lifetime. These committed acts of GreenToday Architects fetch us several repeated and referral customers.