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Usually, we consider flat as British terminology, while an apartment is its American counterpart. But today in India and erstwhile countries, the two have different meanings, though the basic connotation is the same. A flat is commonly referred to as a single-storeyed living space having one or two rooms with a kitchen, living space, and a back sit-out. It is meant for middle-class living with basic amenities, at the same time an apartment is a cluster of flats forming a high-rise building and it can form even a cluster of high-rise buildings having flats. Apartments stretch out for a highly luxurious living with high-degree amenities. In our place, especially Apartments in Kochi, we usually see flats and apartments constructed to the builder’s design, not at all customized. Some independent flats are created according to the client’s design, but it is not easily possible in the case of apartments. 

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In Kerala, various types of flats and apartments are in abundance, from studio flats to 3bhk, 4bhk flats, and different types of luxury apartments. Now apartments have changed their profile from living apartments to business apartments, comprising various company offices and business ventures. This has given rise to a different concept in not only the construction but interior decoration, automation, etc.

GreenToday Architects is the most celebrated builder and construction company in our state which has given different angles in the construction of apartments and flats. We always give predominant consideration in manifesting these according to the client’s tastes. In the making of separate flats, we can easily realize it according to your tastes. In apartments too, the interior design and features can be done in customized style. A very recent feature designed by GreenToday Architects is a novel concept called ‘Villament’,  where a customized villa is constructed according to your ideas inside an apartment.

All the works related to the construction of flats and apartments are done by GreenToday Architects in a scintillating way. It includes the procurement of land, soil testing, architectural design, project management, construction, electrification and plumbing, flooring and finishing jobs plus safety features incorporation. 
Interior decoration suiting to living or business is done with exuberant skill. Spacing, lighting, usage of aesthetic artifacts, and color of painting are done, which give each room its individuality, but at the same time sinking with the overall aura. Ultra-modern kitchens with superb cabinets and consumables are deployed, that enhance the artistry and quench the purpose. Home automation is the need of the day. Electronic gadgets and WIFI are used to connect the safety, security, entertainment, living, lighting, and culinary features to your fingertips.

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GreenToday Architects, the perfect builder for Apartments in Kochi, is the forerunner in implementing green construction, which institutes sustainable building features, that encompass water conservation and management, solar energy utilization, energy efficiency, waste management, and the use of sustainable building materials. They will help to boost human health, protect ecology, and preserve water and energy.
The safety of our apartments and flats is of paramount importance, and that is why we incorporate all safety measures that will resist undue infiltration of natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, and lightning, and man-made calamities like a short circuit.

Elevating Living: Discover Modern Apartments in Kochi for Unmatched Comfort

GreenToday Architects is a prolific builder which has imprinted its name in the annals of architecture and construction through the stupendous manifestation of architectural marvels in the form of residential villas and flats, business apartments and offices, commercial complexes and malls, educational institutions, and government offices with highly defined quality control, meeting global standards, world-class experience, ethical dealings, extraordinary project management and budget control along with seamless after-sales service. These are achieved by the strenuous efforts of our illustrious head Mr. Faizal M Asan and his highly skilled and dedicated team of architects, engineers, contractors, and laborers. This unswerving quality plus budget clarity, ethics and lifelong after-sales warranty fetch us an influx of repeated and referral customers.

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