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GreenToday Architects: Your Trusted Name Among Construction Companies in Kerala

GreenToday Architects, top-rated among construction companies in Kerala, is an out-of-the-world construction and architecture company that redesigned the very character of architecture and construction by realizing scintillating residential flats and villas, designer business apartments and offices, commercial complexes and malls, educational institutions, and government offices with stupendous aesthetic brilliance and impeccable quality. 
GreenToday Architects is equipped with adept knowledge in architecture and construction, uncompromising quality control, both in works and materials, world-class experience, supreme project management know-how, and highly transparent and ethical dealings, which have made us the most endearing architecture and construction colosseum in Kerala.

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Mr. Faizal M. Asan, the most sought-after senior civil engineer who conducted towering engineering projects in India and the Middle East, is the head of the institution. He is supported by an in-house team of architects, engineers, contractors, and workers. 

GreenToday Architects: Setting the Standard for Construction Companies in Kerala

GreenToday Architects is taking up your project, which means you are leaving all your construction concerns forever. We perform, with ease and perfection, in every aspect of construction, from the procurement of land to soil testing, architectural design, construction, interior decoration, exterior design, green building, home automation, safety features incorporation, etc.
Soil testing:
Soil testing is conducted to evaluate and assess the load-bearing capacity of the soil and to decide the type of foundation to be made.
Next comes the architectural design. Before that, a detailed discussion with the client is done by our architects to understand the visions, dreams, and ideas of the client in the design. Due suggestions will be given by the architects, and combining all these, an initial architectural design draft will be created. Further consultations and revamping will be done to produce the final draft, which can be considered the blueprint of the building.
Based on this, the project management team will design the genuine budget and the different phases of construction. According to the design, the construction process starts with basement, structuring, wall and window installation, roofing, additional floors construction, final roofing, along with provisioning of air conditioners, plumbing and electrical lines, finishing works like roofing, electrification, plumbing , painting, tiling, etc.
Interior Design:
Like the architectural design, expert interior design is also very much needed, with aesthetically brilliant ideas of spacing, lighting, usage of curtains, blinds, painting, and using stylish but needed interior consumables like  sofa sets, teapoys, cots, light fittings, indoor plants, etc. Apart from these, kitchens will be hallmarked with modular kitchen sets, cabinets and lighting.
Green Building:
As the role model of almost all construction companies, as the most dedicated
exponents of Green Building construction, GreenToday Architects institutes sustainable building features that encompass water conservation and management, solar energy utilization, energy efficiency, waste management, and the use of sustainable construction materials. These will protect the ecology, boost human health, and preserve water and energy.
Home Automation:
GreenToday Architects can be considered as the promulgators of home automation. Safety, surveillance, entertainment, culinary, plumbing, electrical, and lifestyle aspects are all tied to your fingertips using state-of-the-art gadgets and Wi-Fi. Thus, GreenToday Architects assure you of ultra-modern living styles.
Exterior design:
Exterior design is a feature of utmost necessity, as an outsider gets a vehement impression of the house from it’s exterior. Therefore, GreenToday Architects decorates the exterior with a well-built compound wall, gardening, pavements, ponds, fountains, lighting, and landscape.
Safety Measures:
Safety is considered not a feature by GreenToday Architects but a dire need and a right of the client. Therefore, we incorporate all safety features that resist the undue infiltration of natural calamities like earthquake, lighting, floods, etc. and man-made calamities like fire, short circuits, etc.
Construction Companies in Kerala

GreenToday Architects: Your Partner for Sustainable Construction in Kerala

GreenToday Architects, the pioneer among construction companies in Kerala, manifests your most caressed dream into an ultimate reality with our compendious knowledge and mastery in architecture and engineering and unsurpassed aesthetic brilliance and ethos.
We are able to acquire love and affection from the clients by our unerring perfection in work backed by stringent quality parameters and global expertise. Through the diligent execution and allocation of budgets framed by a high-brow project management system and the performance of our team of architects, engineers, contractors, and workers, we deliver spaces that are peaceful, safe, artistic, purposeful, and quality-oriented. In addition, an after-sales warranty and lifetime support are offered by GreenToday Architects, which are also reasons for the unending flow of referral and repeated customers.

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