Low-cost Interior Design for homes in Kerala

Low-cost Interior Design for Homes in Kerala

Dreaming of creating own home is a floating reality. Most of us spend almost the entire part of our lives realizing this close-to-heart dream. We institute all our resources, energy, and time to achieve this. We actually employ professional help for the manifestation of this home. But, usually, financial constraints pull back us in endeavouring for a home featuring all amenities and majestic form. Even after the structure’s completion, interior decoration demands a lot of expenditure for fulfillment. If we are not employing proper planning, technical help, and cost-effective measures without tampering with the quality, we will be at a loss. In this blog, we discuss Low-cost Interior Design for homes in Kerala.

Elegant Yet Affordable: Low-cost Interior Design Solutions for Kerala Homes

  • The cost-effective manner of interior decoration starts in giving predominance to the living room, bedroom, and kitchen, where the inmates spend most time.
  • Give a simple and neutral colour tone to walls and single large furniture pieces which give a spacious feel and look. Create an accent wall with a bold color or wallpaper. This reduces the need to paint the entire room. Moreover, it adds the aesthetic appeal of the interior, at no extra cost.
  • Proper lighting enhances the beauty and look of the interior. But buy only affordable, yet beautiful light fittings.
  • The minimalistic feature is the order of the day. The interior needs to be ornamented with the most required items. They must be arranged beautifully, leaving more space free. This gives a clutter-free look.
  • The locally sourced materials of Kerala like bamboo, wood, or coconut shell can be used for long-lasting furniture which are cost effective also.
  • Repainting, repurposing, and upcycling old furniture and household items will cut down the budget in your favor.
  • Self-artwork and decorations using inexpensive materials can upscale the aesthetics of the interior cost-effectively.
  • Kitchen utensils and items can be stored in open cabinets and shelves rather than closed ones. The display is trendy and reserves your money too.
  • Multi-purpose furniture is useful and cost-cutting like a sofa set that can be used for sitting in the daytime and sleeping for guests at night.
  • Setting indoor plants elevates the beauty of the interior. Apart from that, they improve the air quality also.
  • Secondhand or used furniture is available in the markets at throwaway prices. Pick the good ones and adore your interiors.
  • Under-bed storage, wall-mounted shelves, and multi-tiered organizers can be used to store household items. They will leave more space and, at the same time conceal and safeguard all your needy objects.

Designing Your Dream Home Economically: GreenToday Architects

By conforming to these measures you can design and decorate your interiors with less investment, but at the same time, standing at par with any expensive home. These will endow you with interiors having stylish and inviting atmospheres. 
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