Step-by-step Home Renovation Checklist

How to Renovate or Remodel my existing house without hampering its overall structure?

Planning to renovate your old home? Learn this step-by-step Home Renovation Checklist before you start.
The loftiest dream of a common man is the house. It cannot be said to be an extravagant dream, but a dream, that is needful to be fulfilled. We reserve all our savings and resources usually for this dream home. All our toil and efforts culminate to carve out this dearest edifice 
But very often we construct a house in view of our present needs and requirements. When time passes and the number of inmates increases, additional amenities and rooms become a dire need. Moreover, we are forced to make a house with fewer rooms and conveniences due to budget constraints. But when we are free to use a loose budget, we feel the inadequacy of our house. In these two cases renovating and remodelling become two eventualities.
Renovating and remodeling the existing house needs utmost care in planning and execution. Without hampering the basic structure, the house must be revamped and remodeled, which demands professional expertise. Let us go through the key points in achieving this.

Step-by-step Home Renovation Checklist

  • Evaluating Your Home’s Current State and Defining Renovation Priorities:

Take a detailed assessment of the present condition of your house and note down the needs and additional amenities you want. Prioritize the areas that need special considerations and find out the feasibility.

  • Professional Guidance for Renovation and Remodeling:
Seeking professional advice and help is very much needed to endeavor renovation and remodeling. Well-experienced architects, designers, engineers, and contractors should be entrusted to see through your plan and execute the work.
  • Safeguarding House’s Core Structure and Design:
The central elements of your house should be unaltered. It will change the aesthetics and construction ethos of your house. Major structural components, load-bearing walls, and foundations belong to this category.
  • Interior Revamp: Maximizing Space and Function:
Design a layout that considerably uses your space. Without disfiguring the exterior, reconfiguring the interior can be done that will adapt to your living conditions.
  • Upgrade HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing Systems
HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems should be upgraded to comply with current standards. For better functionality and money-saving, energy-efficient solutions need to be deployed.
  • Modernize Flooring, Painting, and Tiling:
Flooring, wall painting, tiling, etc. are to be affected to present-day standards and trendy style. They must be in tune with existing architecture, but at the same time, a fresh outlook should be gifted.
  • Illuminating Interiors: Windows and Ventilation:
Windows and vents can be placed strategically, either by replacing old ones or erecting additional ones which must enhance natural lighting and ventilation. Proper airflow and lighting must be ensured.
  • Kitchen Transformation: Efficiency and Style Combined:
Kitchen, the nucleus of the house can be retouched by effectively placing modular kitchen cabinets, efficient storage compartments, latest light fixtures, at the same time keeping the basic structure untouched.
  • Bathroom Upgrades: Elegance and Accessibility:
Old bathrooms can be changed to glamour rooms, without spending much amount. Tiling, pipe sets, closets, etc can be changed, and painting and lighting can be trendy. A new bathtub and amenities can be set up. Hand rails are necessary if, there are senior citizens in your home. The drainage system must be modernized. 
  • Roofing, Windows, Doors: Modernizing while Honoring Tradition:
Repaint, remodel, or repair roofing, windows, and doors if they are found necessary. But they must respect the original design.
  • Green Living: Sustainable Building and Conservation:
Institute sustainable building features which encompass water conservation and management, solar energy utilization, energy efficiency, and use of sustainable construction materials. This will protect ecology, boost human health, and preserve water conservation.
  • Structural Integrity: Engineer and Architect Consultation:
If minimal structural changes are needed, seek the professional advice of a structural engineer and architect to guarantee the safety and stability of the building.
  • Seamlessly Blend Modern and Traditional Aesthetics:
The renovation to the newest methods from old construction should be seamless. Embrace modern aesthetics and technological conveniences without disregarding the old charm of the building.
  • Prioritize Quality Materials and Craftsmanship:
Use only high-quality materials and workmanship in realizing the renovation work. No compromise should be given to this.
  • Budgeting and Scheduling for Successful Renovation:
A time frame and a pre-planned budget should be construed by the project management team. Even then, unexpected contingencies may arise.
  • Maintain Communication for Smooth Progress:
Maintain a regular rapport and communication with your architect, engineer, and contractors to get a smooth and effective working schedule and mode. Please pay regular visits to your own worksite.
  • Continuing Care: Ensuring Lasting Beauty and Functionality:
After renovation, regular and proper maintenance should be ensured to get a long-lasting time for your dream home.
Thus your home can be renovated and remodelled at par with your ideas without disturbing the overall structure and shape.

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