Paint Color Ideas for Home

Paint Color Ideas for Home

Are you planning to paint your house? Read this to Know about some useful Paint Color Ideas for Home.
Creating a home of ours is a dream come true moment. It is not only the soulful manifestation of our hard-earned money but the realization of ourselves and our vision. It is the culmination of our aesthetics and need. It is not the builder’s idea that is materializing, but his expertise in architecture and construction is traversing through the architectural faculties of the client and forming the final exuberant result.
In realizing a home, the color of the house has a vehement impact on the overall style and look. But, it usually becomes a laborious task for many to choose a suitable color for each room and a particular for the exterior. Here we will discuss choosing the right paint color for each room.

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Tips to Paint your Home

  • Each room preserves its tone or mood and this should be highlighted in selecting the color. The living room usually needs a warm tone with a cozy atmosphere, hence warm colors like yellow, orange, or red are most suited. Our bedroom is the room where we relax and rest, and the utmost calmness is needed. Therefore colors that freshen up your soul like green, blue, and lavender will be the best. The kids’ room will be vibrant and demands bright color touch up. Hence ‘mischievous colors’ like orange, turquoise, blue, or green are apt.
  • Always choose a base color depending on the mood of the room. It decides the tone of the entire room. Usually beige, white, and gray are used as primary colors.
  • Not only the mood of the room must decide the paint color, but the size of the room also.
  • Light colors like white, beige, light gray, pink, lavender, and blue can make the room appear bigger than the original size. These colors have the property of reflecting more light and feel the rooms to have an expansive size.
  • If the walls and ceiling too have the same light-colored shade, then it creates an illusion of a bigger space.
  • On the other hand, dark shades like blue, green, brown, etc. absorb the light and make the rooms look smaller. This must be in mind while using dark colors. So combine light colors with dark colors so that the room will not look too small.
  • After opting for the primary color, a second color must be selected as a complementary color, which cuts off the dullness of the color and puts in a classy look. For example, blue color can be complemented by orange or yellow, or pink and red by green. The secondary color can be used for interior furniture and accessories.
  • While selecting and using colors for your rooms, the passage and intensity of light must be given due consideration. Natural light with an ample passage source lifts the light color to look brighter, while artificial light will dim the color. So, understanding the amount of light passing through the room gives a significant insight into the selection of colors.
  • After selecting each color for each room, do a trial by test painting a very small portion of each room. This gives an idea of how the room looks after the full painting. If any room does not create the aesthetic appeal we thought of, we can change the color and test it a second time. Otherwise, a lot of financial burdens may hit you.
  • Choosing a base color, and a secondary color,  observing the light passage, and testing the colors all will create the aesthetically brilliant house of your dreams, which proclaims your individuality and style.

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