Maintenance of your home

Maintenance of your home

Our home is the abode of tranquility and peace. It is the only place where we can rest forever and unwind ourselves from the tussles of life. A family constituting husband, wife, kids, and parents institute a home that is created by our dreams, aspirations, and plans. Most people construct their dream space with large investments employing leading architects, engineers, contractors, and workers. But once it is completed and start living in it, most people fail to maintain it perfectly and effectively. In no time, the new house will be worn out, wasting the hard-earned money. Negligence and carelessness are the key factors in this pathetic situation. But if we spare some time effectively, you can surmount this paraphernalia, keeping your house new as ever. This will not only keep your house clean, but you also feel refreshed and energetic as you come back to this house after a day’s tiresome work. Here are some points for the Maintenance of your home.

Interior cleaning

The most inhabited part of a house is its interior. So, dust and dirt will be mandatorily present, since you come from outside after work, kids from school, etc. Apart from dust and dirt many household items, those wanted and unwanted lay scattered. So first of all clean the shelves prior to cleaning the walls. Vacuum cleaning is effective for sofas, window blinds, screens, and carpets and that should be done at least once in a week to make them tidy. The floor should be mopped along with cleaning windows, doors, chimneys, etc. to eliminate dust. Clean the kitchen, kitchen tops, and cabinets thoroughly because utmost hygiene is very much needed in the kitchen. Ensure not to use outside shoes in the interiors for which a shoe rack needs to be installed at the sit out.

Room maintenance

Make it a habit to thoroughly clean the rooms daily or at least once in two days. Arrangement of things in proper order and keeping unwanted items in separate boxes will be helpful. Periodic disposal of these things is also essential. Provisions for hidden storage spaces in the room are very much needed as one cannot see these items.

Appliances maintenance

Routine checkup of appliances, such as entertainment and kitchen appliances, security systems, heating, cooling and solar systems are very much needed and ensure that they are fully functional. Electrical and plumbing systems, door, and window seals and insulations should also be frequently inspected. Pest control and drainage cleaning are supportive measures to keep your home clean and hygienic. Always keep a contact list of electrical and plumbing technicians for any sudden help.

Children and pets

Set strict, yet loving rules for children, like keeping things in order, not drawing on walls, eating at the proper time in the proper place, etc. Likewise, train your pets not to dig in the lawn, not destroy the plants, not scratch the walls and furniture, etc.


A bedroom must be kept beautifully as it is the heart of the house. Simply making your bed in the morning itself can instill a polished appearance. Stands, wardrobes, and shelves all should be organized and tidy. Keep the used clothes in the closet and use a laundry bag to fetch the clothes out for washing. Ventilate the room frequently to let fresh air and sunlight in.


Regular cleaning of the bathroom is a must not only to ensure cleanliness but hygiene also. Clean bathtub, sink, shower pipes, wash basin, closets, mirror, etc. Thoroughly clean floor tiles and note any leakage occurring in the bathroom


The kitchen is an integral part of the house. So, tidiness is very much essential. Always wash off dishes after use and keep the sink clean. Keep the kitchen cabinets and tops tidy and arrange the kitchenware and other items in proper order. Occasionally clean the refrigerator and regularly clean other appliances.
 Our interiors can be freshened and fragranced using air fresheners and aesthetically upgraded by deploying potted plants and artistic artifacts. This will improve the mood and energy of the interiors and inhabitants respectively.


The first thing a person coming to your home notices is the exterior. So for the maintenance of your home, the exterior must be clean, tidy, and beautiful. Keep a good garden. The lawn needs to be properly kept and trimmed. Clear the yard of dry, dead plants and weeds. The shrubs must be kept away with fencing walls to prevent moisture havoc. Grow plants inside the compound to get shade, cooling effect inside the house and play area for children.
Apart from these, check drainage periodically and repair roofs, trusses, shingles, etc., if they are damaged. The water in the pond should be changed and clear the waste. The backyard must be kept clean by clearing the fallen leaves. Once in a while inspect the garage doors.
Constructing and owning a house is a laborious task, but if not maintained properly, the house will change into a perennial mess with a great loss of money. If you spare 20 minutes for the maintenance of your home by completing a job per day, your house will dazzle like a new one even after 30 years with a boost of energy and elegance.

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