Building Regulations and Permits in Kochi

Building Regulation and Permit in Kerala

Living space and space for living are two integral parts of human life. One is where we dwell with our family and the other one is where we dwell for our family. These two spaces, our home and our business space or office space must be created flawlessly, with utmost quality and technical brilliance. In modern times, it is highly recommended to entrust the creation of such a building to an experienced architectural firm fro getting all Building Regulations and Permits in Kochi.
Before commencing the construction of such a work, it is highly needed to obtain government and other official bodies sanctions through papers. Without availing these papers, please do not proceed with your building initiative, because if the papers are not sought before construction, it may even lead to the demolition of the building.

As we have already discussed, building permits and sanctions are very much essential because they will ensure the safety, of the building, occupants, and the environment.

The principal papers for construction are approved by the local body administration. These can be obtained by submitting a suitable application along with supporting documents.

The chief certificates required for construction are Building Permits, Occupancy Certificates, and Environmental Clearances.

Building Permits

Building permits ensure the adherence of the construction to the building code zoning regulations and prevailing laws. Documents required for applying for Building permits.

Occupancy certificates

Occupancy certificates are issued only after the inspection when the construction is over and the authorities find the building deemed for occupancy.

Environmental Clearances

Environmental Clearances give clarity where the construction of the building is not hitting the environment.

It must be noted that stringent actions like fines, legal proceedings or as we said demolition of the building will be served from the authorities, if we fail to procure the relevant sanctions and permits and follow their strict guidelines before starting construction.

Some other important papers a building construction proposer needs to obtain are:

Fire NOC (No Objection Certificate):

Fire NOC issued by fire authorities certify that the the design and construction of a building are in tune with fire safety norms . They also come and do physical inspections.

Water and Sewage Connection NOC:

This certificate is issued after inspecting based on an application for water and sewage connection for the building. The certificate gives a clear picture that the building is connected to the municipal water and sewage system and that the construction does not hamper existing infrastructure.

Electrical Inspectorate Clearance:

Electrical drawings along with electrical wiring and systems should comply with electrical safety regulations. Inspection will be conducted on its basis and certificate will be issued.

Land Use Certificate:

‘Land Use Certificate’ is obtained from the local body authorities which ensures that the proposed use of the land is in compliance with land use regulations and laws.

Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) Clearance:

Construction of buildings near coastal areas needs to avail of this certificate to prove that the construction does not have a negative impact on the coastal environment.

Road Cutting NOC:

 If the proposed construction can be fulfilled only by cutting roads or pavements, this NOC I required from corporation or Municipality or Panchayat.

Soil Testing Report:

Soil testing report is of paramount importance for it will assess the soil quality and stability at the construction site. The soil testing report implicated  the foundation of the building is stable and secure.

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