Importance of Pergolas

Enchanting Pergolas: Elevate Your Outdoor Experience

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Enhance Your Landscape with Architectural Beauty

A Pergola is an extension of your interior to the coziness of the exterior, an open structure without walls, having an open roof of cross rafters and girders. It consists of evenly spaced columns and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your exterior. Not only it is an artistic structure, but it endows the inmates with soothing protection and shade having adequate sunlight and air circulation. Since Kerala experiences mixed weather conditions, the importance of Pergolas can be the ideal choice for perfect relaxation.

Steel, wood, and concrete are the common materials used in making Pergolas. Steel is a long-lasting option, but costly. Wood demands more maintenance as it is constantly exposed to sunlight and rain. But it can be pre-made and assembled at our site. Reinforced concrete is another option for making Pergolas. But it will be heavier and is best when constructed as an extension of the building. Another type of Pergolas that can be readily installed is Stone Pergolas.
The different types of Pergolas suited to our conditions are

Crafted Pergolas: Where Luxury Meets Functionality

Traditional Pergola:
The traditional pergola is as we already said, made of wooden framework. Hardwood or treated timber is used to withstand the strong climatic conditions of Kerala. This pergola is shady and filters the sunlight and delivers an aristocratic look. 
Contemporary Pergola:
Aluminum, steel, or PVC is used to create contemporary Pergolas to induce a modern look with minimum features and clean lines. It is more open allowing sunlight and air to pass in full swing. It is aesthetically elevated also.
Gable Pergola:
This pergola features a triangular roof with two sloping sides with a ridge in the middle. Gable Pergola gives maximum protection from rain and sunlight.
Extended Pergola:
An extended Pergola can be called an attached pergola because it is an aesthetic extension of your inner space. A perfectly covered area, sinking with the existing design and style of your living space, this type of pergola offers easy access from your home.
Independent Pergola:
An independent or freestanding pergola can be placed anywhere in your outer compound or yard offering a dedicated outdoor area for relaxation or get-togethers. It also adds spice to your existing outside aesthetics. 
Retractable Pergola:
A retractable pergola or adjustable pergola offers you the flexibility to extend or retract the pergola with retractable awnings or shade sails, which can be extended or retracted as needed. By this, you can keep adjusting the level of shade, based on weather conditions. This is also best suited for Kerala weather conditions.

Importance of Pergolas

Pergolas give forth a range of features that help our living. They help to shelter from extreme climatic conditions like heavy sunlight, rainfall, and humidity. Pergolas can function as an extension of your home or interior, providing you with additional space for relaxation, dining, etc. Incorporating plants will add to the greenery and liveliness of your pergola. If climbing plants are used they create a natural lush canopy.
In short, Pergolas add natural beauty and add convenience to your home embracing the climatic diversity of Kerala. Please call GreenToday Architects for detailed know-how about Pergolas.