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Green Building Rating Permits and Parameters for Sustainable Construction and Design

Understand the Green Building Rating Parameters in Kerala!
Green Building or Sustainable Building or Eco-friendly building is the trend of modern times. But, unlike the other features of construction, this is not only a trend but the need of our times. Conventional construction usually considers the materialistic needs of the client, but it hampers the ecological equilibrium of the nature surrounding, creating permanent disaster. But green construction institutes sustainable building features which protect the ecology, promote human health, and preserve natural resources. 
But as with any other building, there are certain permits and documents which must be availed from authorities to construct a Green Building in Kerala. They may vary depending on the type of building and location of construction, but still, let’s have a perusal of the general documents.

Green Building Certification in India: Official Permits

Building Permit:

Irrespective of the type of building, a person who plans to construct a building needs to obtain a building permit from the local body, say, panchayat, municipality, or corporation where the construction is proposed. Check out the Government Documents required for applying for Building permits.

Environmental Clearance Certificate:

The Kerala State Pollution Control Board issues a certificate, that is mandatory to permit you for constructing a high-rise building or a building proposed to be constructed in an environmentally sensitive area.

Energy Audit Report:

Energy efficiency is a core feature of green construction. Therefore the concerned energy department needs an energy audit report detailing the features comprising the energy efficiency of the building such as renewable energy sources, HVAC systems, and insulation. The department, after having a detailed inspection, will issue the certificate.

Green Building Certification:

Green Building certification such as LEED or IGBC, to demonstrate the building’s sustainability credentials,  is not mandatory, but it will help market your building sale to potential buyers or rent it out to respectable tenants.

Fire safety certificate:

You need to obtain the fire safety certificate from the Fire and Rescue Services Department of Kerala to ensure your building complies with the standard safety features.

Structural drawings

The structural drawings prepared by a licensed structural engineer are mandatory that should be submitted to the authorities to obtain the relevant permits and sanctions.

Green Building Rating Parameters

Green building practices are increasingly becoming the norm for sustainable construction and design in India. The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) has established a comprehensive Green Building Rating Parameters system that evaluates buildings based on their environmental impact, resource efficiency, and overall sustainability. Achieving green building certification in India requires meeting specific parameters and guidelines that promote efficient resource use, renewable energy, pollution reduction, and good indoor air quality. This article explores the key parameters for green building certification in India and the significance of sustainable construction practices in promoting a healthier and greener future.

Site Selection and Planning:

This category includes the following sub-categories:

a. Site Selection: The evaluation of the environmental impact of the site selection and land-use planning process.

b. Site Planning: The evaluation of the development density, connectivity, and accessibility of the site.

c. Rainwater Harvesting and Recharge: The evaluation of the rainwater harvesting potential of the site.

Water Conservation:

Water Conservation: This category includes the following sub-categories:

a. Water Efficient Landscaping: The evaluation of the water efficiency of the landscape design.

b. Water Use Reduction: The evaluation of the water use reduction measures implemented in the building.

c. Water Recycling and Reuse: The evaluation of the potential for water recycling and reuse in the building.

Energy Efficiency:

This category includes the following sub-categories:

a. Building Envelope: The evaluation of the energy efficiency of the building envelope.

b. Lighting: The evaluation of the energy efficiency of the lighting design.

c. HVAC: The evaluation of the energy efficiency of the HVAC systems.

d. Renewable Energy: The evaluation of the use of renewable energy sources in the building.

Materials and Resources:

This category includes the following sub-categories:

a. Sustainable Materials: The evaluation of the use of sustainable and environmentally-friendly building materials.

b. Waste Management: The evaluation of the waste management practices implemented in the building.

c. Embodied Energy: The evaluation of the embodied energy of building materials and products used in the building.

Indoor Environmental Quality:

This category includes the following sub-categories:

a. Indoor Air Quality: The evaluation of the indoor air quality and ventilation systems in the building.

b. Thermal Comfort: The evaluation of the thermal comfort of the building.

c. Daylighting: The evaluation of the daylighting and views in the building.

d. Acoustics: The evaluation of the acoustic performance of the building.

Innovation and Design Process:

This category evaluates innovative design and construction practices that go beyond the existing criteria and guidelines.

Sustainable Building Operations and Maintenance:

This category evaluates the sustainable operation and maintenance practices of the building.

Social and Cultural Aspects:

This category evaluates the social and cultural impact of the building on the community.

Safety and Security

This category evaluates the safety and security measures implemented in the building.


This category evaluates the transportation options and access to the building.

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