Future Home Technologies in your home

Let’s learn about the Future Home Technologies in your home. If we ponder over the style of our lives today, we feel astonished because it is far different from the life of earlier generations. If we have a close look, even our life in the last decade is very much different from today… whether it is in the living standards, the convenience of living, the safety features, the entertainment modes, the culinary aspects, the electrical and plumbing features, the waste management, or the ecosystem. We genuinely feel today that we are advanced.

The availability of the internet brought the world to our fingertips.
We now know what is happening in the rest of the world or what all advancements are these countries making.
We are depending on a multitude of gadgets for a better living. These gadgets which function for the betterment of our lives through cooking, entertainment, pleasure living, and safety make our homes smart homes.
The concept of smart homes is changing or to say technically, upgrading day by day.
Smart homes contain smart thermostats, voice-controlled assistants, automated lighting systems, security cameras, smart appliances, and energy monitoring devices. These features redefined convenience, comfort, security, energy efficiency, and overall quality of life for the residents. The futuristic advancements we see in the movies are no more unattainable. They are in our purview, in our reach. First, we shall discuss the smart features that had already come and stayed with us.

The Future of Home Automation: Embracing the Latest Smart Home Technologies

  • The lighting in our home can be adjusted by gadgets and Wi-Fi according to our preference through voice commands. The surveillance of the home is conducted through surveillance cameras, sensors, motion detectors, smart door locks, etc.
  • The temperature in the room can be adjusted with smart thermostats. Hot and cooling preferences can be set with energy-saving options.
  • Energy monitoring and saving can be set through energy saving schedules and thereby can save energy spending amount.
  • All home entertainment systems like audio, video, television, home theatre, and streaming are controlled by gadgets and voice commands.
  • Similarly, we can monitor refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, and washing machines and avail of their conveniences at your disposal.
  • Moreover, now we can integrate and control all home automation units through a central hub. So, it is easy to use all of them from a single interface, making your home, genuinely smart.
  • But, now we are going to discuss the very latest home automation features that are going to be part and parcel of our lives.

A Symphony of Comfort: The Ultimate Smart Home Experience

Let’s take a look at the future home technologies that are most likely to be part of our homes soon:
  • As already we said smart refrigerators and smart kitchen appliances work on voice commands, but they can function through mobile apps, with personal preferences using AI technology like waiting with a glass of water or being ready with the food of your choice, etc.
  • The lighting and use of easy living appliances can be set and operated from your smartphone.
  • If you are away from your home for a holiday, you can switch on the light as per your need or can switch on the air conditioners before you and your family enter the house.
  • Like our vehicle signaling low fuel or oil, our air conditioners cry to change the air filter.
  • Drainage of energy will be indicated which help us to upgrade old appliances with new ones.
  • With this futuristic technology, power consumption, and its cost can be calculated.
  • Smart toilets are a new addition to the futuristic home automation services. These toilets are armed with a built-in foot warmer, automatic deodorizer, heated seat, air dryer, automated bidet, motion-activated seat and cover, and a lit touchscreen panel that supports playback of MP3 music. Apart from these urine after peeing will be automatically tested to find out whether the person is diabetic or not.

The Smart Home of Tomorrow: Seamless Integration and Automation

  • Avoid overpriced DTH and cable and enjoy the streaming services of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc. through centralized streaming by installing closed ethernet networks.
  • We are using our mobile devices as remote controls for our air conditioners, home theatres, surveillance systems, etc. Face recognition techniques to open the door are materialized. Now it’s the turn to integrate the entry of recognized faces and the prohibition of unrecognized faces. Engineers are creating a denial of entry for people with criminal track by scanning the person and auto-verifying his history from police criminal databases.
  • All the gadgets of the home members can be integrated with closed and private networks and can be operated in one. Even if you are in a remote place, away from your home, you can access each and every system of your house.
  • Voice commands system like Alexa can be functioned not only for operating tv or air conditioners but even to cook food also.
  • Full-fledged robots found in science fiction movies may not be available in our smart home, but automated robots are there to clean the floor, make our rooms tidy, pick up things, function appliances, and even serve food. It can be operated through voice commands or an embedded touchscreen panel.
  • The latest type in this category is Robotic Kitchen with a robotic chef. This is a compact and stylish kitchen with our favorite recipes uploaded. The Robotic chef will cook food of our choice with half work and double speed.

GreenToday Architects: For The Next Frontier of Home Automation

As we already said, the energy management system monitors energy usage and optimizes it, and reduced wastage. Moreover, this system integrates renewable energy sources like solar energy and wind power. Through clear energy generation, carbon emissions will be decreased to the bare minimum contributing to a green energy revolution.
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