Villa Projects in Ernakulam

Villa Projects in Ernakulam by GreenToday Architects

GreenToday Architects, the most vibrant builder in Kerala has now become a household name, synonymous with construction and architecture for new villa projects in Ernakulam. This is achieved by novel ideas regarding architecture and construction, in-depth knowledge of engineering, world-class experience, and stringent quality in work inventory and materials. Apart from all these GreenToday Architects is blessed with a prolific project management system and highly transparent dealings. These are reasons why GreenToday Architects materializes engineering marvels in the forms of residential villas and flats, business apartments and offices, commercial complexes and malls, educational institutions and government offices, resorts and hotels with stupendous craft and aesthetic brilliance.

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Mr Faizal M Asan, CEO, GreenToday

Mr Faizal M Asan, the CEO and senior civil engineer of GreenToday Architects, was highly talented and competent enough to carry out various engineering projects both in the public and private sectors in India and the Middle East with unmatched craftsmanship and expertise. This also is one of the reasons for laying faith on GreenToday Architects by our NRI customers.

How we make your Dream Villa

The construction portfolios handled by GreenToday Architects stretch from procurement of land to soil testing, architectural design, construction, interior decoration, exterior design, green construction, home automation, safety features incorporation, etc with astounding creativity and stupendous display.

Soil Testing

GreenToday Architects initiates soil testing on the land to ensure the type of soil to assess which type of foundation to be provided to hold the building with all its floors.

Villa Projects in Ernakulam


  • After that our architects enact a resourceful discussion with the client to absorb his ideas and thoughts about the building and assimilating all these, an architectural design or plan will be drawn, spiced by our visions and tips.
  • Various discussions followed by revamping, additions, and omissions will be done on the initial draft and a final draft will be created which can be considered the blueprint of the house. 
  • According to the architectural design,  our project management team will develop the budget of the whole program with genuine allocations of funds to various portfolios.
  • The projected will be equal to the actual budget, but definitely without compromising the quality and without giving additional burden to the client
Villa Projects in Ernakulam


Now the construction phase starts by creating the foundation. This will be followed by structuring with strong wood and steel beams, continued by the erection of walls, windows, and doors culminating in the construction of the first floor. Further floors will be constructed with provisions of plumbing, electrical work, and air conditioning will be done. After the final floor is completed, final roofing starts. Then we go to the finishing works with flooring, plumbing, electrical work, painting, etc.

Interior Design

GreenToday Architects has a special team of highly gifted interior designers who will mould each room aesthetically. Each room will be designed in a customized tone but will merge with the overall charisma of the home. Each artefact, paint colour, spacing, tone, lighting, and consumables like sofa sets,  teapoy, curtains, blinds, cots, light fittings, indoor plants etc will be designed and deployed in such a way that they will enhance the aesthetics of the room. Modular kitchen sets with the latest cabinets will be set in the kitchen to have an enhanced culinary experience.

Villa Projects in Ernakulam

Green Building

GreenToday Architects is the promulgator of green construction from earlier times. advocates green construction in our state from years back. We believe the construction and existence of a building must coexist with ecological balance. We institute sustainable building features that encompass water conservation and management, solar energy utilization, energy efficiency, waste management, and use of sustainable construction materials. Through these, ecology will be protected, human health will be boosted, and water and energy will be preserved.

Safety Features, Home Automation, Exterior Design

Safety features incorporation of GreenToday Architects comes, not in the purview of aesthetics or aristocracy, but a genuine need for a peaceful and safe living. Therefore we create a safe atmosphere in the building that resists any undue infiltration of natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, fire, etc, and man-made calamities like short circuit dangers.
Home automation is the trend of this digital age. The knowledge of GreenToday Architects, especially in automation is systematically upgraded in tune with the changing lifestyle. All security, safety, lifestyle, entertainment, culinary, and plumbing appliances will be automated and connected to your fingertips with the latest and state-of-the-art gadgets and wifi. By adapting to home automation, an increase in comfort and safety is ensured, along with energy saving.
GreenToday Architects considers exterior design and decoration are equally important like interior design and decoration because the primary impression of the house is getting from the exterior beauty and design for an outsider. Therefore we give extraordinary consideration to the exterior by creating designer walls, ponds, lawns, landscaping, lighting, etc.
Villa Projects in Ernakulam

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GreenToday Architects is regarded as the numero uno among the architects and construction companies in Kerala due to the reigns as the number one construction company in Kerala because of our uncompromising quality of work and quality of materials. Along with this, a naturally flowing interpersonal relationship with the client is strictly followed. The project management team will give a clear picture of the whole program. Apart from all these the world-class experience equips GreenToday Architects, to offer its valuable customers a one-year warranty for the handed-over projects and lifetime support also. These are the genuine reasons for the influx of repeated and referral customers to GreenToday Architects.

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