role of an Architect

What is the role of an Architect ?

An architect is the one who gives wings to realize our dream home or dream space. He extracts our inner visions regarding our building assimilates with his technical knowledge and gives us the perfect design incorporating even the needs that may arise tomorrow. Let’s clearly understand What is the role of an Architect and how they help us to make our dreams come true.
  • An architect must be capable of endeavoring various responsibilities in designing, planning, and managing the construction of various strata of buildings and structures. He must be a visionary in conducting the multiple aspects of construction and project management through his design and technical expertise.
  • The primary feature, an architect must be endowed with, is to create the exact architectural design by incorporating the needs, dreams, and visions of the client. He can give technical assistance and tips in laying out the design concepts continuing with creating drawings, using various tools and software to visualise the structure by taking into account aesthetics, functionality, safety, spatial layout, and sustainability.
  • Indepth knowledge of construction materials, engineering laws, building regulations, etc. are mandatory for a brilliant architect. His design and layout must conform to the building laws codes and safety principles. An architect must coordinate with engineers, contractors, and workers for the smooth functioning of the project.
  • The architect must have a deep understanding of the project management system of the project. He must work in unison with various stakeholders, manage budgets and timelines, and ensure that the work is progressing and completed as per the design and plan.
  • Even though the design is manifested in paper or screen, the architect must acquire excellent communication skills to interact with the client first to draw his views regarding the project. Then he must explain his vision and tips to the client. After completing the plan, he must be in a position to detail every aspect of the design to the client and the government officials for building approval.
  • An architect should possess excellent problem-solving skills as he is prone to face them at any time during construction. At that time, when design limitations, budget constraints, site conditions, etc arise, he needs to support the construction with practical, sensible, creative, and speedy solutions 
    Contemporary architects advocate green construction practices in their designs. They institute sustainable building features that encompass water conservation and management solar energy utilization energy efficiency, waste management, and use of sustainable construction materials. These will protect ecology, boost human health, and preserve water and energy.
  • The primary and diligent quality of an architect is to club aesthetics and user experience to create visually appealing and at the same time durable, functional, and comfortable spaces. Materials, lighting, color, and spatial flow should be balanced to create environments functioning in harmony.
  • The building created by an artist must fit in perfectly with the surroundings and endow a positive contribution to the existing environment. For this, he must take into consideration the cultural, historical, and contextual aspects of a site, while designing.
  • A true architect must subject himself to updation and upgradation by exploring new construction techniques, studying new materials, and acquiring new technologies to improve the quality, efficiency, and sustainability of his designs.
  • In short, an architect’s workspace involves a blend of creativity and aesthetics and technical knowledge, project management know-how, problem-solving, communication skills, and an intensive understanding of the various aspects of the built environment. He creates a space that is aesthetically appealing, functional and comfortable, safe and sustainable serving the needs of the community dwelling in it.

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