Tips to Save Electricity Bills

Smart Ways to Save on Electricity: Expert Tips for Budget-Conscious Homeowners

Let’s understand some tips to save electricity bills. Electric bill is becoming a nightmare for most people. The power tariff is soaring to endless heights which makes the life of an average citizen miserable.
To reduce electricity costs, most people advise reducing the number of appliances and gadgets, which is not practical in modern-day living. But there are some power-saving tips that you can experiment with. 

15 Easy and Effective Tips to Reduce Your Electricity Bills

  • While buying electrical appliances, do check the rating. Five-star rating appliances are the most energy efficient. Next comes 4 and then 3.  If the star rating is high, that means less electricity is being used by them.
  • Cloth dryers and air conditioners contribute the maximum amount to the electricity bill. After washing clothes in the washing machine, please opt for air drying the clothes.  Use the electric dryer only for urgent drying. And dry clothes which were washed the previous day because they are almost dry.
  • Along with this, prefer a cool air setting to a warm air setting.
  • Also, use a cold water setting instead of a hot water setting. This is due to the more energy usage in heating water.
  • Likewise, while using an air conditioner, airtight the room by closing doors and windows and reducing the thermostat temperature to two or three degrees less than the atmospheric temperature. This will save energy considerably. Avail the maximum usage of a timer because the air conditioner will automatically shut down after a specific time, cutting off the electric bill also.
  • Other high-energy-using electrical appliances are water heaters and induction cookers. Reduce the usage of the water heater. Also, lessen the working of the induction cooker. Keep its wattage below 1000.
  • Insulate the gaps in doors, and windows by using plastic, thermocol, or old cloth to restrict air passage facilitating air conditioner with energy saving. Thus, proper insulation ensures energy efficiency. Cover the windows with black films to check the entry of heated Sun rays.
  • One of the main tips to save electricity bills is to switch off all appliances when they are not in use. Not only appliances but power strips and chargers with power on, plugged-in gadgets, all should be detached, otherwise they will also draw some electric charge.
  • When freezers are squeezed for space, they perform best. Packing the back of the freezer with paper or ice bags and putting the frozen food tightly packed will check the increasing energy usage.
  • During summer, use dark curtains which check sunlight and heat providing less usage for air conditioners.
  • We can reduce water usage by installing low-flow water faucets or shower heads and ensuring a half-flush button for your flush tanks. Less water consumption leads to less usage of water motor which inevitably stands for a low electricity bill.
  • Electric ovens should not be opened frequently when in use because the oven has to use more electricity to raise the temperature every time.
  • Switch off exhaust fans, when not in use.
  • Apart from all these, carry out regular maintenance and replace the old and worn out appliances with new ones because they use more electricity to run.
  • The most significant way to reduce energy costs is to install solar power plants in apartments and independent houses. Energy saving not only impacts the electricity bill but ensures green living also.

Energy-Efficient Living: Tips and Tricks for Lowering Electricity Expenses

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