How to Select an Expert Building Contractor for Your project?

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Expert Building Contractor in Kochi
Constructing a dream home demands several factors incorporated and coordinated. All these aspects work in a harmony for organic development, from the very first homework to the finishing work. Every detail should be touched and every penny should be counted. Among all these factors, searching and for finding out a contractor is very much crucial. There are some key points to be observed when choosing a perfect expert building contractor in Kochi. 

The following points must be in your mind when finding out a suitable contractor.

  • Search and go through, in detail, the projects, they had done earlier and have a keen study.
  • Make sure that the complete works are performed under the stewardship of an able and experienced engineer.
  • Make sure that the materials used in construction are of top quality, workers are well experienced and the construction itself is quality oriented.
  • Take an emphatic guarantee for the timely completion of each phase of the project.
  • Examine the feedback of his previous clients and their testimonials.
  • You should confirm whether the dealings of the contractor are transparent. Also, the project must be completed on a pre-designed budget.
  • Find out whether there are no hidden charges in the whole process.
  • Enter into a contract agreement, which is clear and transparent.

Points to be considered while entering into a Contract

Even though we had chosen a quality-borne, experienced and ethical contractor, that is not everything. Entering into a contract agreement is very much decisive and critical. This agreement needs to be foul-proof and without any loopholes.

Let us discuss the agreement clauses one by one

  • Enter the names and addresses of the client and the contractor, along with the land details, like the survey number.
  • Attach house plan and 3D elevation got from Panchayat /Municipality /Corporation, along with the agreement. This will help to sort out any disputes, that may arise in the future, regarding the exterior.
  • Each phase of construction must be written in the contract in detail and we must know which phase is progressing and which type of materials are used in it.
  • The payment mode needs to be entered in the contract, as to how much funds will be given for each phase of construction, like the foundation stage, ground floor stage, second-floor stage, plastering stage, finishing work stage, and so on
  • Mention the project period clearly, along with the time of completion.

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