Anti-termite treatment in Kochi Ernakulam

Anti-termite Treatment in Kochi Ernakulam

Termite attacks can cause slow and steady devastation to even new houses we construct. So the need to resist and eliminate termites at the pre-construction phase is necessary, otherwise, Post construction phase treatment will be definitely needed. GreenToday Architects, the best architects in Kochi provides you with the best Anti-termite treatment in Kochi Ernakulam. Termites can be controlled in two phases, the pre-construction phase, and the post-construction phase. The most effective controlling phase is the pre-construction phase. But, people are more prone to do post-construction termite treatment because they come to contact with termites only after the construction of the building.

Pre-construction Anti-termite Treatment

  • Pre-constructional anti-termite treatment is done at the early stages of the construction of a building.
  • While the construction is ongoing soil treatment under the building and around the foundations is an apt way to prevent termites.
  • Here, the soil in contact with the foundation and floor structure is treated with a chemical that can kill or repel the termites and form a barrier that does not allow the termite to enter.
  • It is advisable to do the anti-termite treatment during the early stages of construction. 

Post-construction Anti-termite Treatment

  • Here we have to carry out post-construction termite treatment on the building ready for habitation.
  • This is done when the termites attack surface soil and spread throughout the building to get food.
  • In this terminate control phase the force and the walls which can be infected by termites will be drilled and the chemicals will be injected and will be covered again.
  • Slow action chemicals are most effective in killing the termites by gradually attacking their nervous system. 

Importance of Anti-termite Treatment

A great expectation and a dream come true moment is our new housewarming or the completion of our new house. All our hard work and toil culminate in this happy moment.

The builders may have done a good job, the interior decorators, the electricians, the plumber,  everybody finished their respective jobs in its splendor. But there can occur some alarming defects in the building that we see and feel only after a period.

One such major concern is the occurrence of termites. This can cause great destruction to the wood, furniture, door frames, and other parts of the building. How to control termites is a question of much relevance.

GreenToday Architects, the best construction company with Anti-termite treatment in Kochi Ernakulam, delivers only termite-free houses to our vast clientele. We believe termites should be eliminated at the pre-construction stage itself.

We have the genuine know-how and expertise to see through the havoc caused by termites and eradicate them. For this, high-quality chemicals and pesticides are used. Our repeated customers give testimonials about their termite-free houses termite-free.

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